Flush the water system with 3 gal. refrigerator's diagnostic mode to test every part of the refrigerator from temperature Adjust the controls a setting colder. One of the most popular models from the Whirlpool Job Aid range is the GC1SHAXM counter-depth refrigerator. • Is there excessive frost or a package preventing the door from closing? Remove the water filter and operate dispenser. The sounds and noises are common for new refrigerators. The doors need to be aligned, or the refrigerator needs to be leveled. bad part. A large amount of warm food has been recently added. Under warmer conditions, expect your motor to run for longer periods of time. Food packages are blocking the door open. Newly installed refrigerator requires flush of water system. Allow sufficient time for ice maker to produce more ice. If it is still not running after checking the above items, call the Consumer Assistance Center. Freezer compartment too warm (Parts of this diagnosis and service procedure must be performed by a qualified refrigeration system service technician. Turn both brake feet (one on each side) clockwise, the same amount, until they are snug against the floor. next test with the freezer temperature buttons. Off-taste, odor or gray color in the ice or water. The refrigerator air vent(s) are blocked. Adjust the refrigerator control to a less cold setting until the refrigerator temperature is as desired. Compressor stops on overload (Parts of this diagnosis and service procedure must be performed by a qualified refrigeration system service technician.). The refrigerator controls’ initialization process did not complete successfully. (Again this control board is used on many different NOTE: If problems continue, contact an electrician. It is normal for the motor to run longer in order to cool the refrigerator back down. Temperature controls are not set correctly, The ice maker is not producing ice or is not producing enough ice. If you are having a problem with any of the refrigerator models Expect that the water in the defrost pan will take longer to evaporate. If ether the defrost thermostat or The doors were removed during product installation and not properly replaced. Defrost can be initiated by disconnecting and reconnecting power. The refrigerator doors were recently removed. If it does not close completely. Minimize drawer openings and close drawer completely after use. Remove filter and operate ice maker. Whirlpool has several French door refrigerators with freezers at the bottom. Possible reasons: There could be various causes (see “Solutions”). A kink in the line can reduce water flow. We sell tools, parts and upgrades for Apple Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook as well as game consoles. Water dripping on the heater during defrost cycle, May be heard when ice melts during the defrost cycle and water runs into the drain pan. Open the door less often. The air vents are blocked in the refrigerator. Allow 24 hours following installation for the refrigerator to cool completely. If the air vent located in the top, left, rear corner of the refrigerator compartment is blocked by items placed directly in front of it, the refrigerator will get too cold. the light switch or switches. (When the door is opened, humidity from the room air enters the refrigerator. Allow several hours for refrigerator to return to normal temperature. Wipe off damp food containers before placing in the refrigerator. Plug in the refrigerator, and wait 30 seconds before opening any of the refrigerator doors or touching the control panel. You will then see a set of numbers displayed showing the software If it does not close completely. refrigerators.) Close the door firmly. The refrigerator has just been installed. A loose bi-metal may cause the defrost heater to stay on too long. Adding a large amount of food warms the refrigerator. thermostat should be shorted or closed anytime it is cold and it's safe to run a defrost Built-In refrigerator diagnostics . Compressor runs, but no refrigeration or insufficient refrigeration. Details; Back; Download; Share; This video demontrates how the UI can function as a diagnostic tool for the technitian. Plug in a lamp to see if the outlet is working. Learn how to adjust your settings. A large amount of food has just been added to the refrigerator. They have the evaporator located in the mullion divider between the freezer and refrigerator compartment, which is the distinctive feature of this lineup. Put all pans, shelves, bins, and baskets back into their correct position. Water contains minerals (such as sulfur). Add no more unfrozen food at one time than will freeze in 24 hours - approximately 2-3 lbs. 1. An ice cube is jammed in the ice maker ejector arm. Incomplete defrosting, or high cabinet temperatures during defrost. There is a kink in the water source line. ft. Refrigerator control is in Showroom mode (on some models). Gently remove the bulb and reinsert. The water pressure to the house determines the flow from the dispenser. Check to make sure your refrigerator is level. • Is the day hot and muggy or the room too warm? Rinse and dry with soft cloth. A water filter may need to be installed to remove the minerals. A large amount of food has just been added to the refrigerator or freezer. Over-temperature condition due to power failure. Replace filter or reinstall it correctly. A kink in the water line can reduce water flow from the water dispenser and result in hollow or irregular shaped ice. Move excess water line away from the refrigerator cabinet or fasten excess tubing to the cabinet. 2015-2018 alltroubleshooting.net | About US, Frigidaire gallery microwave troubleshooting, Amana freezer refrigerator troubleshooting, Black & Decker coffee maker troubleshooting, Hamilton Beach coffee maker troubleshooting, Cruisair marine air conditioner troubleshooting, Mitsubishi air conditioner troubleshooting. To do this open the On some models, the dispenser light will operate only when a dispenser paddle is pressed. The controls are not set correctly for the surrounding conditions. The door(s) are opened too frequently or for too long. …Read more Less… Tags. The compressor in your new refrigerator regulates temperature more efficiently while using less energy, and operates quietly. Some models boast such innovative options as a dual ice maker and a five-temperature option drawer with thaw setting. A household fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped. It is normal for the refrigerator to work longer under these conditions. An "S" means shorted or closed. Then reconnect the refrigerator to the electrical supply and reset the refrigerator control. As you can see by the model It is a side-by-side fridge equipped with an ice maker. The refrigerator door or freezer drawer is not closed completely. No indicators illuminate on user interface. Recheck to see if the refrigerator is operating in 30 minutes. A large amount of ice was recently removed. Mullion Evaporator is a series of top-mount refrigerator/freezers. The diagnostics of malfunction contributing to the further professional repairs of a refrigerator is the key objective of troubleshooting tables with faults` codes for whirlpool refrigerators presented below. Contact a qualified person or a technician. Within the refrigerator diagnostic test mode there are 6 diagnostic tests: You can select the test number you would like to run by pressing the freezer Make sure there is power to the outlet. If the refrigerator is connected to a water line, this is normal. Ensure door seals are making full contact with the refrigerator cabinet to allow for an adequate seal. cycle. temperature (+) or(-) button until the test number you want is in the freezer display. Using a water supply connection type other than recommended. The room temperature is hotter than normal. Main control board will attempt to initiate defrost upon restart: Plug the power cord into a grounded 3 prong outlet. Adjust the leveling screws and lower the leveling foot firmly against the floor. After the software version is shown the freezer display should show "1" Rearrange containers so that they fit more tightly and take up less space. The ice storage bin is not in the correct position. Call the Consumer Assistance Center. Close the doors and drawer to reset, and open to resume lighted task. otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Odor from stored food has transferred to the ice. Push bin or shelf back into the correct position. Adding a large amount of food warms the refrigerator. Related Media. A humid environment contributes to moisture buildup. Recently installed or replaced plumbing connections. Check bi-metal defrost control. Food in the freezer has not been wrapped properly. Discard ice. Starting Diagnostics | Defrost Thermostat Diagnostics | Refrigerator Compressor & Condenser Fan Diagnostics | Freezer Evaporator Fan Diagnostics | Refrigerator Sensor Diagnostics | Freezer Sensor Diagnostics | Refrigerator Damper Door Diagnostics | Forced Defrost Mode | Refrigerator Temperature Adjustment | Freezer Temperature Adjustment | Programming Mode | What Now? What's all the Jazz about? sensors and evaporator fan motor to the refrigerator's compressor and defrost system. 1. defrost heater. actually that is what you want to see if the freezer is cold.


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