Additionally, if a medical professional provides emergency aid, they have a legal duty to remain with the injured party until he or she has stabilized or another medical professional with the same or additional training takes over. They should be covered by the Good Samaritan Act as long as they were acting in good faith and had the consent of the victim to provide care. In general, medical professionals and ordinary citizens should not worry that helping someone during an emergency situation will put them at risk of being sued. Mitch Panter of Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A. The Law, Chapter 94C, Section 34A: “Immunity from prosecution under Secs. Each Good Samaritan law varies on a state-by-state basis. At its most basic, a Good Samaritan Law protects someone who is acting selflessly to aid another person in an emergency situation. Leaving the scene could be considered abandonment. However, providing CPR and other emergency care when away from a medical setting can feel scary and may leave you wondering if you could get in trouble if the outcome is poor. Miami Car Accident Attorney. Because each state is different, only some actually require you to help a person in medical need if you are a bystander. Enter your details below and we will contact you. The Good Samaritan Act is a law which protects any volunteer giving aid to an injured person in an emergency situation. The law states: “A person who in good faith administers emergency care at the scene of an emergency or in a hospital is not liable in civil damages for an act performed during the emergency unless the act is willfully or wantonly negligent.” It’s vital for people who act as Good Samaritans to understand that this law only protects them if they act in good faith, or … We all want to do the right thing in our communities and sometimes that means stepping in to help when someone is in danger or needs medical help. However, there may be gray areas surrounding the law when it applies to specific situations. The health and safety of our employees, instructors, students, and communities are our top priority. If you are sick or cannot attend your class for any reason please do not hesitate to contact us at 510–452-1100, ext 0 and we will be happy to accommodate you in a future class at no additional cost. Emergency Orders Suspension of Jury Trials through July 17, Texting and Driving May Become Primary Offense in Florida, 10 Tips for Online Holiday Shopping Safety, 5 Tips To Help You Enjoy Thanksgiving Safely in 2020, Mitchell Panter Selected as Judge for 2020 National Board of Trial Advocacy’s Tournament of Champions, 3 Common Questions About Wrongful Death Claims in Florida, Panter, Panter & Sampedro Supports Sunflowers Academy’s Harvest Festival. An exception to the law would be if a medical professional were to help or fail to provide help, and acted with reckless disregard by providing care that they knew or should have known created unreasonable risk or injury. The Texas Good Samaritan Act covers both. Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC), CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse) Review Test Prep Course, Advanced 12 Lead ECG Interpretation Certification, Silver Bundle (ACLS & Advanced 12 Lead ECG), Code Blue New Grad Essentials Bundle (ACLS, PALS, ECG). Healthcare Certifications: Do I Have to Have Hands-on Training? Some states only protect trained rescuers while other states actually punish untrained bystanders who do not at least try to provide some reasonable amount of help to those in need. This law also covers people who act in good faith when helping animals. Therefore, you must research your state’s specific law to know how it could apply to you. The Good Samaritan Law offers legal protection in the form of exemption from lawsuits and liability, acting as a safeguard to those who help another in a real emergency, life-or-death situation. In addition, certain states only protect those who are helping in basic medical emergencies, such as by providing basic care for bleeding and cardiac arrest. Project Heartbeat will continue to provide training for Frontline EMS and hospital personnel. However, they do not protect against gross negligence or reckless behavior. Good Samaritans Law and Legal Definition A good samaritan in legal terms refers to someone who renders aid in an emergency to an injured person on a voluntary basis. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The following generalities, however, apply to the law in most states. Good Samaritan Act, The Florida Legislature. The protection that Good Samaritan laws provide is not unlimited and is different from state to state.


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