The weapon's base stats are increased by a set amount depending on its material. Vagrant Story is set in the fictitious city of Leá Monde, while the kingdom of Valendia is engulfed in civil war.Leá Monde is an old town with a history spanning more than two millennia. Weapons found in Vagrant Story fall into one of seven categories, each with a section here, in alphabetical order. Raising weapon affinities and class in Vagrant Story. There is a way to raise weapons that is sort of similar to this, but in many ways different (including being very time-consuming): Break Arts. Weapons have a variable number of grades, or Tiers, the number depending on the Design. Gems can also be attached to weapons to influence "Class" and "Affinity". Virtually every facet of the game is covered in tremendous detail. Lowest attack radius. The Vagrant Story guide is one of the best strategy guide efforts I've seen in a long time. Medium attack speed Strength and Risk bonuses, and Agility deficits, vary between different Tiers of the same Blades. Weapons are comprised of a "blade" and a "grip" that can be assembled in workshops. Phantom Points (PP), conversely, represent a life energy absorbed by the weapon; the more kills they get, the more damage they do. Collect 4 Tabars, and the only thing standing in the way of an Ultimate Weapon is the affinities. Grimoires, Sigils, Keys, and Other Inventory Items in Vagrant Story. If you wish, please examine the table and add anything missing. The AFFINITY and TYPE stats basically are your guide to choosing the best weapon. They ascend in their degree of attack strength. The Affinity of weapons can be raised quite handily by Enchanter Spells like Luft Fusion. However, the weapon's grip type is determined by the blade attached to it. Weapon Type RISK STR AGI Range Hand Axe Edged 1 6 -1 3 Battle Axe Edged 1 8 -1 3 Francisca Edged 1 10 -2 3 Tabarzin Edged 1 13 -2 3 Chamkaq Edged 1 16 -3 3 Tabar Edged 2 19 -3 3 Bullova Edged 2 22 -4 3 Crescent Edged 2 25 -4 3 The following is a list of weapons that appeared in Vagrant Story. Soldiers hand: Has base damage of 70, rank 5 attack of 75. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you do want to use the FAQ on a website or other form of print email me at and I will consider it. There is no equivalent of an early Material type that is better at magic, but instead a weapon design, the mage Staff. Fast attack speed does electrocution damage to target and travels to nearby enemies on heavy attack., does electrocution damage to target and travels to nearby enemies on heavy attack. In Temple of Kiltia, late in the first playthrough, Damascus Tabar Axes (and Shotel Swords) drop at 16/255 in Those Who Fear the Light. Some weapons are unique in that they come with pre-set names instead of the name of the blade. Weapons are comprised of a "blade" and a "grip" that can be assembled in workshops. The following tables are incomplete for one or more reasons. Grips are divided into three types: Edged, Blunt and Piercing. Remove this notice upon completion. Legal Stuff 2. Perhaps you can help by uploading a picture. A blade is made of one of these materials: Bronze, Silver, Iron, Hagane and Damascus. Affinity, Class and Type in Vagrant Story, Great Sword Combinations in Vagrant Story, Here's my basic guide to building an effective weapon quickly to get you past say an awkward Boss without having to go back and build your weapon up … This can be additionally finessed by casting elemental armor Enchantments on an enemy, which should instantly make them a temporary source of that elemental type. List of the Swords Names and Attributes Cleric's pray: Has base damage of 60, rank 5 damage of 80.


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