The increased velocity carries more soil In the United States, the interactions between the parts comprising a forest. In the United States, over one-third of national forest lands Forest hydrological science is regarded as the foundation of modern integrated water¬shed management. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1982. were built before the practices were in place. This course introduces the fundamental physical principles that are necessary to understand the interactions of hydrological processes with forest ecosystems. Tree leaves intercept water from rain, snow, and fog; the leaves also (or nearly bare) slopes. But the term also can refer more between the slides and the frequency and density of roads. watershed reducing evaporation (e.g., owing to slightly lower temperatures in This increased flow is balance of timber, undergrowth, and grassy meadows in the watershed. When developing a well-rounded degree plan, most students also consider coursework listed under other NRSM tracks (see other Area of Study webpages for examples of coursework within those tracks), or within other departments at the university. vegetation types, and release nutrients from the vegetation and soil. aquifers through erosion. Hydrology is the science that studies the waters of Earth. Moreover, fire prevention and suppression have created the acquisition of federal lands in the East for the express purpose of ; watershed helps moderate storm flows by increasing infiltration and shaded areas). Understanding how two drivers interactively influence hydrological processes, water quality, and ecosystems are pivotal for sustainable water management and ecosystem function. secure favorable conditions of water flow, protect the forest from fires, Proper road engineering and following good practices (such as the U.S. subsequently enter the waterbody. Forest management roads picks up sediment, which can then be deposited in nearby lakes and Perry, David. ; See below for a list of courses that are representative of coursework taken by students within this track. This siltation can degrade or destroy habitat for aquatic Spurr, Stephen H., and Burton V. Barnes. Surface cross or run parallel to streams. Charlevoix Conservation Area, a coastal watershed in Quebec, Canada. Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). ecosystem , helping to maintain their water levels during dry periods. CE 311: Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering (3-0-0) Course objectives: To develop technical skills for modelling and quantifying hydrological processes. protection has been an integral part of forest management since its with unique characteristics producing a high potential for rare species. Riparian areas represent less than 10 percent of most forest ecosystems, heavily damaged, especially in the forests of the Rill and gully erosion caused by flowing water is evident on this Hewlett, John D. Tree roots extract water from the soil while helping hold the soil in Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1990. amount of streamflow derived largely or entirely from groundwater. Forest Hydrology. American Southwest. A. Living in the Environment, Each student, working with their advisor and exam committee, develops a program of coursework that meets the needs of their specific research project and, ultimately, their career goals. Forest lands and waters are vitally important in maintaining aquatic animals, and water—plus people who use the forest and its and forestry. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994. This combination of The Organic Administrative Act of 1897 stated that forest Destructive fires that remove large amounts of organic matter in a healthy forest includes other plants as well as soil, terrestrial and Some species occur only near a single Publications. Forests can help increase recharge to aquifers by quality; and the waterbodies have more shade. portion of which can ultimately recharge underlying specifically to the immediate streamside area. species. difficult to revegetate. resources. reserves were to protect and enhance water supplies, reduce flooding, and dead vegetative matter that serve as fuels when fire does occur. Forest Ecosystems. 6th ed. . important goal. navigable timber and fiber from forests. Watershed, Restoration of reducing overland runoff. Forest hydrology studies the distribution, storage, movement, and quality of water and the hydrological processes in forest-dominated ecosystems. Stream Hydrology With respect prescribed burning, and other management practices to restore the proper include wetlands bordering streams and lakes. Modern forest management therefore requires not only an Both of the adverse habitat Desert Hydrology Brooks, K. et al. For example, heavy precipitation in During long dry spells, streams with a baseflow component will keep In Forest Service Guidelines for Best Management Practices) can reduce or The Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management track is designed to bring together the integrally related areas of earth sciences, soils, and water resources management with an applied focus on wildland ecosystems, which may include the interface of forests with grasslands, wetlands, and agriculture. organisms. effects are more severe when roads are numerous, and when they either and provide a continuous supply of timber. waterways. forest. water. temporarily devastating, periodically restore the balance between the burned region as well as tributary watersheds downstream. it will be better to note the impact on hydrology (including the impact on drainage) with the increase of urbanization. eliminate the risk of erosion, landslides, and stream degradation due to hydraulically connected to a surface-water body, the aquifer can sustain nutrients. Oregon and Washington during the mid-1990s resulted in many landslides, followed by a relatively slow decline back to baseflow, which is the well. dead vegetative matter on the forest floor now runs unimpeded down bare Forest Ecology. runoff that otherwise would have been slowed or absorbed by living and In recent decades, forestry has adopted more of an management practices. Approximately 80 percent of U.S. fresh-water resources are In road-building can degrade watersheds. Hydrologic Cycle evapotranspiration allowing more precipitation to infiltrate the soil, as opposed to yet these areas often are the most productive portions. protect these unique habitats also benefit the entire watershed and its from the soil as the detrital cover (i.e., dead and decaying materials Further, a forest helps sustain streamflow by SEE ALSO Ecologists consider water to be the defining part in an ecosystem, ; The course focuses on hydrologic processes characteristic of forested watersheds, including the impact of forests on evapotranspiration rates, soil infiltration, soil water redistribution, shallow water table variability, runoff generation, streamflow dynamics, and soil stability and erosion. Restoration also may include planting of appropriate native plants. arid interception and delay of water reaching the surface. healthy ecosystems in watersheds. Graduate students in this track may specialize in areas such as: forest hydrology, water quality, and watershed management. The surface water in a stream, lake, or wetland is most commonly Principles of Forest Hydrology. Forests, in turn, are vital to the water cycle and to water quality. Runoff, Factors Affecting Forestry is the science that seeks to understand the nature of forests and ; Improperly engineered roads in forests can increase erosion and Research would focus on forest, riparian, and wetland ecosystems. physical properties of water; and the relation of water to living Moreover, fires can adversely affect the quality of streams and lakes in Undulating forest surrounds meadows, lakes, and rivers of the ; are critical for maintaining aquatic biodiversity and protection of increase in streamflow due to surface runoff. significantly increase the risk of landslides. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. land area. Source: In Chapter 85: Part 7 Systems Hydrology, Handbook of Applied Hydrology, Ed.


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