But it’s also the fastest, most reliable Unstoppable Champion stagger in the game, and hugely useful this season in particular with those new Unstoppable Taken. It can cut through some of the heavier enemies in the challenges like butter. I do think the right move is to save your cipher so that you might have two to use when more are added to his pool. I am not expecting some ultra rare raid exotics like say, Anarchy, to show up there, but you never know. Probably the all-around best weapon on this list just because of how good it is against Barrier Champions, and it’s a must-have for anything high level and challenging that involves Champions. I am kind of sad to rank this relatively low, but I think the next two weapons are just more useful. It stands to reason that a good chunk of them may end up at Rahool, and you may need a cipher to purchase them. Latest PS5 update reportedly fixes DualSense USB charging issue, Microsoft delayed Xbox Series X/S manufacturing to implement specific AMD tech, How to do the giant hand Easter egg in Die Maschine – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Now that you know how to best gear up for the Leviathan Raid, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more guides. I really do love this weapon, and it’s a shame it’s not Anti-Barrier. A number of people have asked me this, so I am going to make a ranking list from my least favorite pick to what I think is the best option. Its solar damage output is another bonus, as some of the bigger Cabal you’ll be facing come equipped with Solar shields. Bastion. No, I did not miscount. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. Being merely a Legendary weapon allows Guardians to use up that coveted exotic weapon spot on something with a little more firepower. Why? It’s still not terrible in Crucible, but out of all your options here, I think this is the least important unless you just absolutely love scout rifles more than anything. Ghost Primus (Auto Rifle). Yes, it staggers Unstoppable Champions, but there are better ways to do that, and it’s hard not to pick one of many, many better options for DPS (Whisper, Xeno, swords) or mob clear (21%) in this slot. It is very fun though. They also can drop Legendary engrams. One of Destiny 2's most unique Exotics is Anarchy, a Grenade Launcher that fires Arc traps … The fact that the Drang is a Legendary Energy weapon, also leaves room for an exotic weapon in one of the other categories. Once he goes down, you've completed the Leviathan Raid! Another reason to save. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. I had fun with this thing when it launched, and yet the only reason it was terribly good was because it also was bugged so that it overloaded enemies. News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet. Scout Rifles play an important role in the raid as they are some of the most accurate weapons available. Because when Beyond Light hits and four destinations are removed, there are, by my count, up to 18 exotic weapons that will have to be moved, given that their quests or part of their quests involve these deleted locations. The Gauntlet challenge, in particular, requires Guardians to be precise, and the Skyburner’s Oath is just that. If you do want to pick one of the five, pick this one. The fact that it also comes with decent Impact and Stability ratings, ensure it a place on our list of recommendations. Closely related to the Drang, which we mentioned above, the Rat King makes for the perfect companion to the Legendary sidearm. Rewards This is all of the loot that can be earned from this raid: Each encounter drops Calus Tokens, which are redeemable at Benedict in the Tower Annex. You may opt-out by. It’s fun to use and with autoloading holster through the catalyst, an amazing weapon. What are your go-to weapons for the Leviathan Raid? The weapon class still needs a buff. If you don’t yet have the Drang, it is a vital part of the Rat King secret exotic quest. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I do think the “correct” option here is to save your current exotic cipher for fall. I really do love this weapon, and it’s a shame it’s not Anti-Barrier. One issue with the seasonal model of Destiny 2 is that a number of exotics have only been available within the quest of a given season, and once it’s over players can’t get them anymore. The season pass exotic grenade launcher is a truly wild weapon. But it was kind of a…you had to be there moment. While area of effect weapons may seem tempting, rocket launchers and particularly grenade launchers, are too unreliable in this raid. If way in the past then yeah Leviathan has some pretty good weapons that can drop like Midnight coup and inaugural address. I used this a lot in Trials, however, and it’s one of the best fusions in the game. Pick up my sci-fi novels Herokiller and Herokiller 2, and read my first series, The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also on audiobook. Well, now that’s changed with the addition of the exotic cipher, a new item in the battle pass at rank 55 that allows you to purchase one of five seasonal weapons from Master Rahool. It also had one hell of an exotic quest with the entire Corridors of Time puzzle, so it will always have a special place in my heart for that. As is the case with the Skyburner’s Oath, the Nameless Midnight excels at accuracy and impact, and is vital for the Gauntlet challenge. So, you could also save it and next season, get a new random world drop exotic from the Fated Engram. Destiny 2‘s first raid requires a fireteam of skilled, well-communicating, Guardians that can execute some highly mechanical maneuvers.


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