17 Pg. Just like individuals, businesses are responsible for paying taxes on income that they earn, and tax law determines how businesses pay taxes to the government. Regulating behavior in respect to the general society is the primary purpose of law. Hamel maintains a blog focused on massive open online courses and computer programming. Laws touch every aspect of social behavior across all walks of...... ...University of Phoenix | Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you define the functions and role of law in business and society. In the proceeding pages, I will attempt to define the functions and role of law in business and society. LaFaye Moore Jr. Laws are set of rules in business and society that can keep them out of legal actions if they are abiding to them. The organization that I choose to discuss will be on my experience in working in the United States Navy. According to Melvin, 2011, “Criminal laws are for the protection of both society and business. Include the following: Explain the origins of the U.S. judicial system and how the judicial system impacts and affects businesses. Law is a broad discipline with several fields that serve important functions in business. LAW/421 The roles of law in business today, are so diverse business law is actually broken into three categories. Law rules every phase of business. All businesses rely on law to protect their business from lawsuits brought by consumers, vendors, suppliers, and employees. However, Congress utilized the Supremacy Clause and ruled against Cipollone because federal law contradicted the consumer protection put in place by New Jersey. Discuss the functions and role of law in your past or present job or industry. However, the interplay of law and economic growth has always been an intriguing subject for legal researchers and those associated with the legal sector. 2. Uma V. Sridharan, Lander University Business law is a comprehensive control with several fields of the functions of business (Hamel, n.d.). According to Merriam-Webster, a law is defined as “a binding custom or practice of a community; a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority” (2014). Law is an important element to any civilized society. Business law details what a company can and cannot do as well as certain things that must be done. Laws create order and allow a government to instruct citizens on what is acceptable behavior. This is a great example of the function of Congress’s broad power to step in when necessary, provided there is legal ground for their action. And inside of the military it is our duty to always be ready to get deployed at any given time but due to the lack of manning it forced smaller ships to miss...... ...ROLE AND FUNCTIONS OF LAW Therefore, laws are the basis of forming society to conduct business in normal daily operations through the roles and function of law. Criminal and civil law – Criminal law is brought to court by the government on behalf of the people and prosecutes individuals for committing illegal acts against others or others possessions. Law functions to protect public order and maintain social control by resolving disputes in a peaceful manner. Ms. Lindsey Cole Cipollone brought suit against Liggett for violation of several New Jersey consumer protection statutes alleging that Liggett (and other cigarette manufacturers) were liable for his mother’s death because they engaged in a course of conduct including false advertising, fraudulently misrepresenting the hazards of smoking, and conspiracy to deprive the public of medical and scientific information about smoking. Businesses large and small must comply with the same legal regulations. Bernice Jenkins Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. The Roles and Functions of Law LAW/421 September 9, 2012 The Roles and Functions of Law The longest serving Supreme Court Judge William O Douglas most popular quotations is “Common sense … Murray, Damian A. ROLE AND FUNCTIONS OF LAW The topics discuss is defining the functions and role of law in business and society and discuss the functions and role of law in your past or present job or industry. Law establishes a protection of guidelines for mankind, animals, and the environment regarding safety issues and concerns. | It is important to indicate that originally, law dealt with the concern of problems and issues regarding ownership of property. Gregory Hamel has been a writer since September 2008 and has also authored three novels. The "Bill of Rights" are comprised of the first 10 amendments. Henry David Thoreau once said, “If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.” (Henry David Thoreau, n.d.) Mr. Thoreau was perceptive in that he knew in government, sometimes a person may have to do something that is not favorable in the eyes of the majority, but the right thing to do for a minority group of people. The function of a law is to maintain social control and protects public order by resolving disputes in a peaceful manner. The Role of the Law in the Growth of an Economy, with a Special Focus on Developing Economies Print. One declares so many things to be a crime that is becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws” (Para. Role and Functions of Law These laws help enforce contractual obligations and protect them from unwarranted lawsuits from vendors, suppliers, and consumers. The governance of business through state and federal laws is a very complex system. There are laws that control interstate, intrastate, e-business and, international business. The structure of the constitution is set up to ensure that each section or branch does not exceed its authority. The first is Criminal. For example, the law states the businesses must provide equal opportunity to potential employees during the hiring process....... ...Role and Functions of Law Organizational Ethics |


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