First Completion with this new strat, inspired by the recent pause frames. The upgraded Super Monkey Ball 2 will come equipped with a brand-new Story mode, 150 levels to challenge the most hardcore Monkey Ball addicts, and, most importantly, a … Ruin is the first floor in the Expert difficulty of Super Monkey Ball 1, and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe The floor is like the first levels, but there are gaps in it, the stage looks like a wrench, and there are bananas near the gaps, A goal is located behind the second gap There are goals bouncing around, occasionally partially touching these slots until they go in. Ex10 - Birth: Go forward and turn right, follow that path until you reach a pause button. For Super Monkey Ball 2 on the GameCube, Guide and Walkthrough by Notae. ... Live Dangerously - 8/10 - Lesser Known Parts: Ride along the outside frame of the level and beat it. Expert is a difficulty level in the Super Monkey Ball series. Coin Slots involves several goals bouncing around in a strange structure with holes in it, that they eventually go through. 2002. In story mode, AIAI and his friends will pursue Dr. Bad-Boon. Moderated by: callumbal callumbal, Jcool114 Jcool114, SuperDennyBoi SuperDennyBoi, Frikkinfriks14 Frikkinfriks14, A l i s t A l i s t Super Monkey Ball 2 is a one to four player game. As they do, they will encounter different worlds, ten in all, ten stages apiece. It is usually the hardest difficulty before going on to Master and consists of very challenging stages. Orbiters is the 48th Expert stage in Super Monkey Ball 2 (97th in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) and World 9-8 in Story Mode (World 9-13 in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe). The smallest frame is closest to the goal platform. New IL WR by 4 frames, but mid 53 is doable with the pause frames, so. Legal Information I. Four square frames orbit a small platform that has the goal. This stage consists of a large basin with its sides cut out, in which there are holes along its bottom. Leaderboard Guides Discord Streams Resources Forum Statistics Sub-games. GCN, Wii. 1 Monkey Ball 1.1 Floors 1.2 Extra Floors 2 Super Monkey Ball 2.1 Extra Stages 3 Super Monkey Ball 2 3.1 Extra Stages 4 Super Monkey Ball Adventure Monkey Ball features 50 floors, along with 10 extra floors. -Monkey Bowl: One of the original mini games returns for ten frames of monkey ten-pin bowling madness!-Monkey Base: With up to 4 players on one device, use your monkey to catch and launch orbs that your friends launch at you. Connect the NINTENDO GAME-CUBE CONTROLLERS to the Controller Sockets 1 , 2.3 and 4 (depending the number of players participating; see next page). About Story Mode In Super Monkey Ball 2, there is a function called story mode that you can play. -4) 60Hz This game can be set to a clearer display and better quality on TVs that support 601-lz mode. Roll around the Far East, as you tilt and steer one of four adorable monkeys through 125 themed mazes and a … Super Monkey Ball 2 Monkey Ball series. Version History Version 1.0 3/5/03 Initial Version II. The description of Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition Everyone’s favorite monkeys come rolling into SEGA Forever with the arcade to console classic now FREE on mobile!


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