Answer: For a falconry license, the age varies by state. Raptor Educator: The main thing that isn't making sense here is that if you think no one will be able to obtain an owl without hunting or education aspirations then there is no reason for you and the alleged other falconers posting to be here. Pre 1994 I had someone tell me it's not even legal and cite a Texas law as their source. Owl handler: I would love to talk but how can I talk on Instagram? Mice chicken partridge salmon and it all has to be fresh. exotic owls you see in captivity are imprints meaning that Eurasian eagle owl you may want, you will not be able to legally possess. This is why experience with training other raptors may be necessary to handle them. If they say “owls are not pets.” They have the experience to back it up. Sun 28 Sep 2014 08:58. Can you keep an owl as a pet, and if so, how do you care for one? The Harry Potter craze left so many abandoned owls to die. make-believe world of H. Potter! Scops owls are colored in various brownish hues, sometimes with a lighter underside and/or face, which helps to camouflage them against the bark of trees. BBC Radio 4. Member of the North American Falconry Association: You devoted a small paragraph to telling me 'owls aren't pets' yet you're missing one very important piece of information: WHY? If you really think no one is going to go out of the way to buy an owl after reading this, than what was the reason for making the post at all? They are wild birds, like vultures and eagles. Ronald Weasley (owner) People like to keep exotic pets and I own many so-called wild animals as well. Anubus the owl lives and travels with my wife and me for the last ten months. Will an owl thrive better with an experienced falconer than can help it hunt? Exotic Raptor Breeder/Falconer on August 13, 2019: As a breeder or exotic owls and a falconer. If an apprentice is unable to have imprint raptors, it also means that a person of the general public will also be unable to obtain one or even a bird of prey in general. We see them used as pets and also as an Animagus form. Great read, and very to the point. I don't think anyone's 'cultural heritage' is more valid than my own pursuit of happiness. This article is only meant to provide general information and isn’t a comprehensive pet owl care guide. Born As one of the largest owls in the world, and perhaps the largest, precaution is obviously needed when interacting with this massive bird. Question: What is the cheapest price to buy a Eurasian eagle owl? Other native owl owners are professional animal educators and nature center affiliates, so without this standing, you won’t be able to possess any native raptor. I own a northern hawk owl that i rescued from the clutches of a coyote. In addition, learning about a different species by caring for it and being able to get close to it on a daily basis is an experience that most people won't have in their lives. Now combine that with sharp pointy talons meant for squeezing the life from small animals and puncturing vital organs... they're not for the general public. Falconer/Raptor Educator on August 11, 2019: Very poor poor advice as to make a whole article regarding the keeping of owls as pets. About a month's worth of food (about 200 mice), $45-$300 (varies tremendously based on your area and how experienced the vet is with exotic animals), $300+ (It's likely going to be upwards of $1,000 if you buy a cage). The relationship falconers have with their birds is exceptionally unique, it’s a working relationship... it’s not the same as pet owners for sure. It has nothing to do with me. Particularly with Eurasian eagle-owls, they are large birds that could cause harm with their beak and talons, and they require a dedicated owner to commit to their welfare in captivity. Non-native owls (Eurasian eagle owls) do not require permits in states where they are legal. If they try to explain why something is a poor idea then it’s probably a poor idea. These animals don't hunt, so are you claiming this is cruel but a little education validates it? Also known as There's this crazy idea that I should have equal rights regardless of your feelings. You can love something without being in possession of it. Yes, I get upset that falconers feel only hunters should be able to own these birds. I would advise against owning one if you cannot provide this. If you see a breeder saying “no need for permits! Permit Privileges and Restrictions apprentice falconers can’t own imprints right? It sounds to me that either raptors are like other exotic pets or they are so high-maintenance I question if falconers or 'educators' should be able to own them outside of professional oversight. The only Owl that I am interested in is the Sunda Scops Owl. Imprinting alters how the owls see us and giving anyone the chance to own an imprint leads people to believe these birds are naturally cuddly and seek human attention. Selfish and thoughtless. It is also known as the Common Scops Owl. We only have these animals to hunt with them. Owls are self-destructive: Other captive birds have this problem in captivity yet you have said owls are harder than macaws. Owls also defecate a lot and this, plus the pellets, obviously must be regularly cleaned. Lol. The nature of owls differs a lot from other pet birds such as parrots. There are many different ways to design mews and weather yards, as well as different substrates that work for different areas. It’s my dream!” Is not a very good mindset to have in the animal field consider there’s animals that we can absolutely NOT have. The process of becoming a legal falconer is exceptionally complex and requires training, so this is certainly not casual pet ownership. We all know that large parrots are owned as pets across the nation, so what about raptors? No, that leads to neglect, improper diet, poor weight management, and poor husbandry. Why do their feathers become damaged while this isn't the case with other birds? I'm still committed to providing truthful information on this topic and will work with anyone who can assist but first they must not attempt to deceive me for their own agendas. Fri 12 Feb 2016 05:58. … Calling for 'stricter' laws (presumably you mean bans) because of this is not the answer.


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