I was raised by people who did not like a lot of electric in the house or barns. They do make a good sealant or paint base for use on wood, especially if thinned with a little turpentine. My great grandmother in rural NY state used to grow flax and process it to get the fibers. If you’re wondering why it’s not a good idea to eat rancid oil, read this. The other main ingredient is lye, and you can make that yourself from wood ash. Next time, include the title so even if the link goes bad the reader can search for it. We did this at home to stay busy during in bad weather. If you had a dove cote, the birds were kept inside most of the day. After olives and chia, safflower seeds. Have you actually done this? This is the “seasoning” on cast iron pans. There are floating candle wicks available cheaply on line. These are: The Lost Ways, The Lost Ways II and The Lost Book of Remedies. Peace to you both. That includes my old sewing machines that need dusting inside the case and oiling now and then. Now, I read on a soapmaking blog that you could use rancid oils to make 100% saponified soaps and simply add some pleasant scent to the soaps. by law, in the 18th century, they had to be on velum. But, the water is in the pool, waiting for them, and the birds lining up on the back fence. All of those devices are now anathema here in the PDRK with voluminous air quality regulations. Lubricant and rust preventative. I found a gallon of peanut oil thats years out of date. It was ok for a change but I liked kraut hot or cold. Yet, look at Christ and how he told people who believed that, that God saw women as superior to men. Related: DIY Wilderness Soap And Shampoo From This Plant. In the morning at least half the handle will be gone. We filled the can every night because we couldn’t get two nights out of five gallons of kerosene and we most definitely didn’t want to have the stove go out overnight. It’s only that the ground squirrels are coming in that she’s back. Just in case. 2) All rubber parts may be eaten away because of the high alcohol content: Bio-Diesel is made using WVO, Lye and Methanol (However the methanol is primary used to aid the reaction process and if you have a methanol collector can be recovered as it is usually evaporated off. You can use rancid hemp or flax oil to protect the wood handles of your tools that way, by applying very thin coats and heating at a low to medium temperature until it stops smoking. Does not play well with others, as a neighbor found out last fall. At least it looks like we will have some garden. If this is so deadly, why is it considered a science project for 9th grade students? Since we don’t know where you live, can you please tell us what sort of business could use it in our area? If it accidently gets knocked over the water stops any fire hazard. Her Mother refused her any love or encouragmet. For those who cast theur own bullets and reload their own ammunition, particularly for antique black powder cartridge rifles and revolvers, a 1:3 mixture of vegetable oil and beeswax is a traditional ratio used for patch and bullet lubricant, as well as gun grease for black powder revolvers, going back to the Mexican War. I ordered wild flax from Hudson. “Oh, yeah, flowering onions. Many websites do this. SHFT hits, how will you extract oil from oilseeds? I used to help my folks make kraut every fall. They drain overnight then he wipes them with a rag to put away. I’m not bragging. I know it happened to me. Besides heating most cooking oils turns them into trans-fats. Combine equal parts oil with vinegar for an amazing mixture that can make old, scratched furniture look almost new. Jefferson called us savages and said we should be removed or relocated. The rest went out after school let out for summer. If it can’t, I am sure Claude would welcome an article about how to process rancid vegetable oil into usable diesel fuel and I think the followers of this site would find it useful. Defiantly not a comfortable moment. niio, © 2014-2020 Copyright Askaprepper. Floating candles look pretty and are really simple. It is useful in erosion control. You had an adventure-filled you. The seeds should not be eaten raw, but are tasty and edible when cooked. Plants are 18″-24″ tall with the flowers on growing tips. Helping unload it when we made deliveries. It can go straight to the garage for use as a lubricant. Your niece sounds very special. Thank you for that, Sacha. Have to try that out.. LCC if you’re guilty of inspiring this wonderful dialogue.. Good or you. I know I could probably find the information if I spent hours on end on line, but a simple synopsis from someone knowledgeable would save all of us from trying to re-invent the round wheel. Like, it takes all the water, so that has to be cared for tonight. Chia is still simmered with water, but that takes 24 hours of constant monitoring. Slow reverse a few steps then I stood to watch him. Cooking oil is pretty much a one for one replacement for diesel fuel; engines will run on it without modification or any noticeable loss of performance. Also lots of seagulls and pigeons. Just gently rub some warm oil into the furniture with a soft cloth. Now, if you can, an old pressure cooker, chia, water, slow heat. I suppose I could learn penmanship at this late date, but I spent 30 years pounding on keyboards and am really oriented in that direction. There’s an art to making your own soap and if you’re using rancid oil you need to get it exactly right, otherwise you’ll end up with rancid-smelling soap. Totally changed her life. If that bothers you, do not mix with nitric acid. Dad even used the hammer mill (stock feed) to make wood dust fine enough to make pulp for paper. It was how her pennsylvania Dutch grandmother served it. If it ain’t got horns, thorns, or fangs, it’s poison! Linen was made from the long fibers in the stems. https://www.healwithfood.org/bad-for-you/rancid-oil.php, Protecting Your Home or Camp with Early Warning Systems, Part 1. niio, I like the post. If the seeds are even mildly toxic, the ants might leave something for me Right now I’m checking kohlrabi seed heads and killing small ants opening the pods and eating the seeds. I get a lot in that shape. It can’t keep away book beetles for more than tn years, either, a librarian in Brooklyn told me. If it needs some kind of processing, how about writing a piece as a response to this message about how to process it — that is if it can be described in less than 10,000 words. I use these in a squat glass with 90% water and 1/2 inch of oil. Handy for a quick job. Claude. Mom said the relatives all had linen for window curtains when they wanted it. What you described is “straight vegetable oil” or SVO. Still it would have made nice tablecloths or bed covers. Y’all got to watch out for ol’ Mouser. Even rancid oil has uses that make it valuable in a survival situation.


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