March 11, 2020 FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data. The break down of how many Two Or More Races people live in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania in 2020, 2019 by gender, age and family size. Current White Population in Philadelphia County,Pennsylvania2020, 2019 with Demographics and Stats by age and gender. Census. 1,584,064), including age, race, sex, income, poverty, marital status, education and more. Current American Indian Population in Philadelphia County,Pennsylvania2020, 2019 with Demographics and Stats by age and gender. 676 economic data series with tags: Philadelphia, County, Census. Current Black Or African American Population demographics in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania 2020, 2019 by gender and age View Population Demographics and Statistics for all races in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania has fourteen metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and four combined statistical areas (CSAs), as defined by the United States Census Bureau.A map of the Pennsylvania MSAs is available from the Census Bureau. As of 2019, Philadelphia County was home to an estimated population of 1,584,064 residents. FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data. Philadelphia, colloquially Philly, is the largest city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania and the sixth-most populous U.S. city, with a 2019 estimated population of 1,584,064. Value for Pennsylvania (Number): 12,801,989 Data item: Population, 2019 estimate Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates Program (PEP), updated annually. Census data for Philadelphia County, PA (pop. Philadelphia County is one of the three original counties, along with Chester and Bucks counties, created by … As of 2016 Philadelphia is the seventh largest United States metropolitan area. Every county in the Philadelphia area grew in population from 2017 to 2018, but in half of them — Philadelphia, plus Burlington, Camden, and Delaware Counties — there was a net loss in domestic migration. In 2003, the U.S. Census introduced "metropolitan divisions" within some metropolitan areas. Not Seasonally Adjusted. Philadelphia jail population detailed snapshot report – October 2019 PDF A detailed snapshot report of Philadelphia’s jail population on October 31, 2019. Although the city proper was second to New York City in population at the time of the first U.S. Census in 1790, Philadelphia County was the most populous urban (or metropolitan) area in the nation until 1810, when it was surpassed by New York. Population and Housing Unit Estimates. The county is the second smallest county in Pennsylvania by land area. 679 economic data series with tags: Philadelphia, NSA, Census. County or County Equivalent. Census. Suburban Stats Population demographics That means more people moved out of those counties than moved in, among people relocating within the United States.


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