He needs to be able to eat safely at a restaurant. You just need to have the product information. Hello I am Cristina from Romania and I am allergic to palm oil. On vacations, we usually rent a place with a small kitchen. Garlic in a squeeze bottle? – African Oil Palm, Species — Elaeis oleifera (Kunth) Cortes – American Oil Palm. Being the FDA has banned the use of PHOs — also known as trans fats — palm oil is in more products than ever than ever before. Luckily I live close, but those are my only symptoms. We want to be sure he can find safe choices. With the exception of a single report of coconut oil allergy contained in a baby formula published in 1994, there are no reports of food allergy to these vegetable oils published in the medical literature. Spread the word. are the only problem. We bring them with us on vacation. In addition, he told us to minimize gluten in his diet. You will be stunned by all the names palm oil goes by. Our son can tolerate coconut perfectly fine. There are over 500 alternate names for palm oil on it. If you have allergic reactions or other symptoms, please consult with your healthcare professional. I also have anxiety, tightness in my ears and head, sore throat or ears, sinus drainage (which was almost constant until I started to eliminate palm), loss of energy, bloating and other intestinal issues, shakiness, and just not feeling right. Research also shows that refined palm oil is about 47% more likely to promote fatty deposits in your arteries than red palm oil, probably because red palm oil has a high content of antioxidants with anti-atherosclerotic properties. On the 3rd day of eating protein bars (differnt brands) my allergy symptoms came on with a vengence. We are afraid to buy chicken broth or even spices. This week I started eating a bag of dried organic coconut slices from costco and as the week progressed my symptoms started to come back and got worse as the week went on. I would go into mild panics until a Benadryl kicked in. Please share your experience below. It sure is challenging navigating life with a palm allergy. When I eat a package product & experience a problem, I read the ingredients and sure enough – palm oil. It started about 5 years ago. As you may be finding, palm oil is prevalent in the majority of packaged foods as well as personal care items and cleaning products. Are there any products you believe are causing you to have symptoms? We heard from a reader who shared a suggestion about getting tested for a palm oil allergy. Companies use it because it’s very versatile and inexpensive. We’d love to hear more about the palm oil allergy test including her results, symptoms, other tests she took, etc. Can they do allergy testing for palm oil derivatives, such as propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, vitamin E / tocopherol, or others? I also just realized that aspirin that is marketed for pets doesn’t have many additives, but it’s the same aspirin. After looking on line I was beginning to think there wasn’t anyone else out there who had this reaction. This is interesting because depending on the palm oil ingredient, our son has some symptoms almost immediately. It’s difficult reading labels all the time, even for products we purchase regularly, but you know how important it is. It was frustrating; however, whether or not our son’s symptoms to palm oil have a diagnosis or a name, we know he needs to avoid it. We buy herbs or use actual lemon, lime, garlic, onions, peppers, etc. I thought it was just the food or candy I consumed that contained palm or palm kernel… and yes, those seem to be a heck of a lot worse for me!!


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