Why did I find shell fragments in my oysters? Ocean Prince Sardines are packed using only the highest quality Pilchard sardines. How long are canned seafood products edible? Wild-caught and kosher, these sardines provide an excellent source of calcium and protein. Fish Steaks: No mystery meat here! For a complete listing and more information, visit our China Information page. These scales protect the fish from outside elements and are proof of the best quality and freshness. Contained in organic olive oil. Some product packaging distributed by Crown Prince may have traces of BPA, although most of our products are packaged in cans that no longer use BPA in the can lining. Despite this, California added BPA to the list of more than 800 chemicals and substances under California Proposition 65. Why are there bones and skin in my can of salmon? The FDA allows three types of fish to be called sardines: Brisling (sprats), ocean herring (kipper snacks) and pilchard. While other brands cook down the fish and remove much of the scaling and skin, Matiz canned sardines pride themselves on packing full-bodied sardines with skin on and bone in for full nutritional value and uncompromising flavor. Do you still have questionsor comments? The amount of bones and skin in canned salmon varies depending on the size of the fish. It is everywhere—in the air, in soil, in plants, in lakes, in the ocean, and in the foods we eat. See below for how our products compare to California Proposition 65 and FDA regulations regarding lead: Why is there a California warning on Crown Prince products? We can help! (Best With Olive Oil) From the label of sardine cans, it is clear to understand whether the bones and skin are removed… A word of warning for those that are new to European styled sardines, these are not created with the texture sensitive in mind. back to top, Why are there scales on my sardines?Pilchard sardines have larger scales that do not soften as much as the scales on smaller sardines. They will dissolve in a few minutes in warm vinegar, as they do in stomach acid. The product should be used within 2-3 days. back to top, Why did I find shell fragments in my oysters?Because there is no machine that can shuck these little oysters properly, the work is all done by hand. Our suppliers strictly adhere to dolphin protection methods. Crown Prince products DO NOT contain GMOs. All of these variations meet established color requirements. All tuna catches, and particularly yellowfin catches are strictly monitored by independent observers. Our fish stakes are fresh-caught Moroccan sardines, prepared using simple, natural ingredients. back to top, Do your products contain GMOs? Crown Prince, Inc. in cooperation with The Non-GMO Project, has submitted our products for Non-GMO Project verification. This is an extremely small amount. These three types of fish are cold water fish and contain omega-3 fatty acids, iron and calcium. I will say that the liquid smoke flavor can be overpowering and leave a gross aftertaste. No drift nets are used. During the harvesting season, the oysters are still growing and ingest a large amount of plankton while they are still lean. The verification process on many items has been completed. Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Are your sardines real sardines or small fish? We pack our products in simple packing mediums with simple seasonings, none of which contain GMOs. back to top, How long are canned seafood products edible?Commercially canned food can be safely stored for several years as long as the can is not bulging, leaking or damaged. Crown Prince sardines are also available in the Tall 15-ounce can (packed in pure water) and in the Classic oval can (packed in either Tomato Sauce or Hot Tomato Sauce). The fishermen are not allowed to set their nets on schools of dolphin. Pack date and shelf life information is available from our Customer Service Department. The King Oscar are good, but the Crown Prince and Ocean prince are just bad, some from SE asia where they often sub another fish for sardines. If scales are removed from sardines, the skin will soften and the fish will fall apart. What is it? These sardines have a slightly firm texture and a pleasing mild flavor. How do I read the date code stamped or printed on the can? Why is my Solid White Tuna not always white? Our tuna is certified dolphin safe by Earth Island Institute.Albacore is caught by long-line method, which poses no danger to dolphins. Be assured that we make every effort to maintain the highest quality and safety of all Crown Prince products from China and around the globe. The skin and bones supply important nutrients. For more detailed instructions, visit our Ring Pull page.back to top, Are any of your products imported from China?Crown Prince imports the following products from China: Smoked Oysters, Boiled Oysters, Smoked Baby Clams, Boiled Baby Clams, Mackerel and Sardines. Our customers can be assured that Crown Prince only offers the best that our oceans can provide - unadulterated by genetic modification.


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