This information isn't some kind of secret sauce that I only give to my paying customers. EQ Cheat Sheet. The photos below are level meters from two different guitar track. The keyword here is ‘guideline’, and hence should only serve as a rough guide to help you identify the important frequency areas to pay attention to. Mixes Are Different. Tips. Someone could mix a song with heavy effects or no effects at all. So if you truly want your music to sound professional, be sure to grab that free cheat sheet, there’s a link in the description below or on screen now. EQ Cheat Sheet for Over 20+ Instruments . The other one is called “Contemporary Color” by EndeavorFx. This vocal EQ cheat sheet to serve as a guideline for EQ’ing vocals in a mix. Tip number 1: Get it right at the source. It … Take into consideration that the following will affect the approximation of the key frequency areas. Stop guessing... use these tried-and-true settings as a starting point to create more impact, clarity and punch in your heavy mixes. Study it. This one, I believe, straight up says it’s a secret weapon on their website and it’s called “Trackspacer” by Wavesfactory. You can't use a chart or guide to set the mixing level of each instrument. Equalization (or “EQing”) is an essential process to a great sounding mix and knowing how to do it right will definitely make your mixes sound better. Download it to your desktop for easy reference, or print it out and hang it on your studio wall. This instrument chart is just a starting point. Meet your new best friend for fitting those fantastic frequencies! The mixing levels for each instrument should NEVER go over 0 level, and your mixing levels on your main/stereo out should never go over 0 level. When it comes to EQing it’s very important to know the main frequency ranges and how they sound. All the instruments in both of these mixes would have different volume levels. They do, however, serve as excellent rubrics for how to build out and calibrate proper mixing stages. Know it. Remember! At Mastering The Mix, producers were constantly sending me mixes with the same reoccurring technical issues. I was repeating myself during phone conversations with new and existing clients about how to get a technically excellent final mix. There's really no need to because overall volume boosts are done in mastering NOT mixing! It’s essentially an extremely easy to use plugin that creates space in the mix by carving out competing frequencies in the mix. And, most of the time going over-level means instant distortion on the track. Below is a cheat sheet which speaks to various room calibration levels and how they read. Okay, let’s dive right in. Why We Created LEVELS. 3. Rock & Metal Mixing Cheatsheet (Free PDF Download) Learn the go-to starting points for EQ and compression in heavy mixes. Love it. But first be sure to grab the free mixing cheat sheet that will help you to remember and implement these 16 tips, because the key is in the execution. To give a mixing level in advance for anything would be impossible because the instrumentation in every arrangement is different.


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