At a basic level, in a company the size of Microsoft, the higher you go, the less you contribute individually and the more you contribute by your impact on an organization - hiring the right people, setting clear and correct goals, driving alignment and execution. I am going through some finanical hardships and is getting the level changed is the only way for a salary increase? This past year I had what I thought was an outstanding year, was given a 20%, but not promoted to L63. My biggest struggle has been getting good feedback on where I need to grow. >> You forgot "never ask for a promotion".This is better written as "Ask what specific things you are lacking in, which are preventing you from being promoted to the next level". SQL is one of the groups that has consistently delivered quality and growth. Needless to say that not many will admit this fact. My management tells me that this is normal and 2 years is "aggressive", but this is getting frustrating for me. So once again, a big part of your job is learning how to become a ninja at firguring out what your management wants from you -- even when they haven't articulated it in any kind of measurable way -- and then doing it. Successful people looooove to expound upon the secret to their success. If you have your mnanager in your pocket, you cna achieve greate heights in life. Alternate to your left hand appropriately when tired. Managers plan out promotion timeframes far in advance. If you dont know what exactly an L63 is, how are you able to make promotion discussions in the review meetings?Managers become so defensive when asked what we should be doing to advance. Don't give up.I'd appreciate it if you'd do a similar post on the 65 to 65 transition. The first was the barter (a position exists that I qualify for - give it to me now and I will commit to staying with the team another year. Make sure you have chosen commitments that you can exceed, and that you deliver visible and significant value to your business and customers. I'm sure others here will clarify.And apparently we will all know more in January. Then do it.Yeah yeah, that's an oversimplification. check the ego out, ensure that people around you (the whole team is successful), create the best results possible and your promotion wont be far away. That’s what I call “implicit” :). So far, we all appear to have jobs, but man, what a shocker, I thought ours was one of the more stable teams.Not sure what happens to our Director, he seemed a bit shocked himself when he delivered the news today. Might as well fire those guys. That is, it’s hard to define, but “I know it when I see it”. One of the key lessons is to know who is the gate keeper for your career. If so I wish them good luck - as oppose to the US, these regions have laborlaws which makes it very hard for a company with Microsofts margin to lay people off. I made sure I was the guy you wanted to call when the server crashed in the lab with a crazy callstack and no repro.Second, OWN the features. It's a struggle even to get a solid Level 59 promoted to 60 because of budget and under-levelling of devs in 60-61 range. This is where I agree with Mini regarding taking MSFT back to the good ol' lean, mean, and efficient company we enjoyed. Normally this is acceptable but right now i smell lawsuit. I haven't talked to anyone internally that has anything good to say about it. The second was threat (I have a serious offer outside the company that I am taking). This topic didn't elicit nearly as many comments as I would have expected. Unless you know for sure that your boss's answer is an immediate "Absolutely!" Salaries posted anonymously by Microsoft employees. You want to be more efficient, smarter than him. To know the real title you have to use headtrax and look for the “Standard Title” of the position. "a HR manager" is acceptable if HR is meant to convey a spoken "a human resources manager" rather than a spoken "an aich arr manager".haven't should have an apostrophe, yes. Pop quiz: who is it? This is all well and good, but in 9years I've never worked in a group with a Senior IC (Windows, IE, .NET), though some architects. So, focusing on the customer instead of the competition is "incoherent blithering?" I am not saying the manager is trying to sabotage, but when push comes to shove will you get the impactful project. Level 61 - overseas. I also agree with the promotion-on-transfer point. Microsoft is so unique (and not in a good way) that you need to have blogs like this and focus on managing your career inside the hobbesian nightmare, rather than making good and cool software. Real HR managers from Microsoft would have just three [sic]s in a post of that length. Be the Rosh Gadol Microsoftie. At the end of the day its about $$ and in reality levels mean nothing if your getting paid crap. There is no better investment at Microsoft for tuning your career. You can forge a great partnership and accomplish a lot. the higher you go, the bigger deal this is - at least to where i have gotten.Finally, not everybody will be good in every role. If the answer is regularly a 'yes', then this clearly is an indication that you are ready. How do you ensure there is no conflict of interest. If they can, pay attention: They don't even know the area as well as your superiors, and you need to spend more time covering your bases. IBM pulled themselves out of their decline by focusing on their customers. Given that quite a few Microsofties are going to find themselves locked into their current group for a while, the ability to succeed by swinging on the vines to a new group is going to be rare. The first levels came quickly with some sticking around 64 and 65 (half my career).I have always taken on and fixed problem areas that no one else wants to take on.


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