Download the set (3 Worksheets) They are followed by a punctuation mark or an exclamation point (!) Some interjections are used to stall for time or indicate that the speaker is thinking of something. If you ever wondered what an interjection is or if you are looking for an interjection examples list, then check out this all about interjections guide. Match the interjections to their correct meanings. Eh The word eh has several meanings. It can be used to ask for repetition or to make an enquiry. While kids match each interjection to its correct meaning, they also have a riot showing the cute penguin to its igloo. Learn more. General use of interjection is in certain situations when someone doesn't know what to say. Before jumping into the first list of interjections, it may be useful to review the definition and use of volitive terms. Here is a list of common interjections in English. Both Ah and Bravo are interjections used to show the speaker’s admiration in the sentence. This interjection worksheet is a beauty. Here is a further list of injections along with their meanings and an example sentence. List/Words/Examples 21 Interjections and Meanings An interjection is a short exclamation that expresses emotion. It feels good. with interjections. Alas This word expresses pity or grief. An interjection is a part of speech that shows the emotion or feeling of the author. How to Use the Volitive Interjection List A comma (for a mild interjection) or an exclamation mark (for surprising, emotional, or deep feeling interjections) is used after the use of an interjection word in a sentence. List of Interjections & Examples Click this site to read more. ), happiness (yay!) Volitive Interjections List. Secondary interjectors are words borrowed from other parts of speech. or confusion (huh!) Similar to the list above, it is not exhaustive, but it does show some of the most popular ones not previously mentioned in the above text. most of the time. You can show that you are suprised (wow! I’ve passed. Secondary Interjection Examples. Ah! Ah This expression can express ideas such as pleasure and surprise. Most important interjections list; Aah: Exclamation of fear Ahh: Realization or acceptance Aww: Something sweet or cute Bingo: Acknowledge something as right Eh: Question something Uh oh: Showing dismay Whew: … Ah! Some other interjection words used as introductory expressions such as yes, no, well, indeed, etc. Interjections are widely used in the English dictionary; especially these days where so many people are using social media and the internet. Interjections express meaning or feelings and grammatically doesn’t affect other parts in the sentence. An interjection is generally followed by an Exclamation Mark (!) There are many different uses for various interjections; the following is a list of the common interjections you may hear around you in daily life. They learn 15 new interjections too. List of Interjections and Interjection Examples. Alas, we’ve lost. What is an interjection, kinds and list with examples + Free PDF: Sometimes we need to express our feelings with some extra amount of energy.From here the concept of interjection comes into action. interjection definition: 1. an occasion when someone interrupts someone else, or the interruptions themselves: 2. a word…. or a Comma, when written. The following is a list of these sounds or words; they are also called ‘ Hesitation Devices’ As examples of interjections, they serve a function outside of their primary purpose and express the speaker’s emotions or beliefs.. Adjectives, for example, are used to … These are words that make requests or demands and express the desires and wishes of the person speaking them. Interjections don't have that much value in Writing as much as in Speaking. A Comma is used for a mild emotion ; whereas, an exclamation mark is used for abrupt display of surprise , emotion or deep feeling . These are very common words we use in our general English language.


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