What about the Bible? 9 The Bible gives us a clear view of God’s standards. 14 Though the Bible is not a science textbook, it is scientifically accurate. (1 Kings 5:4; 11:4-6; 2 Chronicles 15:8-15) Reading such real-life accounts will undoubtedly touch our hearts. How to detect religious frauds and how to have a secure future were also among the points covered in this sermon. (Isaiah 50:6; Matthew 26:67) Five hundred years in advance, Zechariah prophesied that the Messiah would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. Then we will discuss reasons why many informed people believe that it is the inspired Word of God. Aiden Wilson Tozer lived from 1897-1963. • The Bible is “inspired of God.” (2 Timothy 3:16) Although humans penned the words, God directed their thoughts, so that the Bible is really “the word of God.”—1 Thessalonians 2:13. He explained how to settle disputes. (b) What do the Greek Scriptures contain? ), or the Buddhist “Canon of the Three Baskets” (fifth century B.C.E. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. 8 In addition to outlining God’s purpose, the Bible reveals his personality. Obviously, mere humans could not be responsible for this. What should you do if some things you learn from the Bible seem overwhelming? And that one having been broken, so that there were four that finally stood up instead of it, there are four kingdoms from his nation that will stand up, but not with his power.” (Daniel 8:20-22) True to this prophecy, some two centuries later, “the king of Greece,” Alexander the Great, overthrew the two-horned Medo-Persian Empire. I strongly recommend This “knowledge of God” comes to us in two distinct ways: general and special revelation. 14. this book strangely compelling … .Plantinga uses an ingenious new version of the Design should be practiced." to each other's arguments, in a lively and engaging conversation, Offers the Only those who know God may seek him. Their line has gone out through all the earth, And their utterances to the end of the world. 3, 4. These are sometimes stated as laws. religion texts, because it presents the issues within the context of a lively debate, However, as Christians become less familiar with the Bible there is a danger that the God they worship becomes the ‘god of … There is no speech, nor are there words; Their voice is not heard. on into the 5th century B.C.E. means “before the Common Era,” which is more accurate than B.C. You will learn that God has standards of right and wrong higher than those common in this permissive world. Why can we say that the Bible is practical for our day? In reality, however, you are merely striving to gain accurate knowledge of God and of his truth. The following aspects of prophecy are now matters of historical record: the drying up of the Euphrates River by diverting its waters to an artificial lake (Isaiah 44:27; Jeremiah 50:38); a careless lack of security at Babylon’s river gates (Isaiah 45:1); and the conquest by a ruler named Cyrus.—Isaiah 44:28. Then, the goat’s great horn was broken, and four horns came up in its place. (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews). Billions of copies have been printed, and there is hardly a place on earth where a copy cannot be found. 11-13. A key concept expounded in this book is the concept of three perspectives - the rational, the situational and the experiential; with the idea that all forms of knowledge, that is that knowledge of the world, ourselves and God relates in an inter related triangle that are identical and interdependent. We will first give a brief overview of the Bible. “FORM A LONGING” FOR THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. WHAT THE BIBLE CONTAINS. 10 Perhaps you have noticed that many books offering advice become outdated in just a few years. that 'the fact of evil' on our world makes the existence of a benevolent God 'very (b) What do the Greek Scriptures contain? Though not of the Reformed leaning, Tozer is known for his big view of God, passionate prayer life, and desire to see other people know God rightly. The Bible’s perfect record of fulfilled prophecy should give us what confidence? read more. How can you “form a longing” for the knowledge of God? (Philippians 4:5) Remember that many are “won without a word” when they see evidence that Bible knowledge really benefits people.—1 Peter 3:1, 2. 7 Perhaps you have attended religious services for years and have heard some of the Bible read aloud. (b) What does 2 Timothy 3:16, 17 tell us about the Bible? volume in the, "I would recommend the book to professional philosophers of religion and philosophy • The Bible was written over a period of 16 centuries, by some 40 contributors from diverse backgrounds. Boulder. For example, the citation “Proverbs 2:5” means the book of Proverbs, chapter 2, verse 5. There is no other debate-style book in the philosophy of religion that packs the intellectual punches thrown by heavy-weights Plantinga and Tooley. “Knowledge of God is a work of major significance. It has been translated, in whole or in part, into over 2,000 languages. (5 volumes, 1999). as much by philosophers of mind and epistemologists as by philosophers of religion." Jesus provided instruction on how to pray. • The Bible is the number one best-seller in the world. 16 Fulfilled prophecy gives conclusive evidence that the Bible is inspired of God. Why not start today? 5. No! The first complete Bible to have both chapter and verse numbers was a French edition, published in 1553. 6 Some claim that the “Old Testament” is for Jews and the “New Testament” is for Christians. The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom—2005, Lasting Peace and Happiness—How to Find Them. Indeed, make it your goal to read the Bible daily. (b) How will we proceed with an examination of the Bible? Alexander died in 323 B.C.E. If we try to visualize the events recorded, we can identify with the people involved in them. Should this not build your trust in what the Bible promises, such as its prophecies regarding a coming earthly paradise? (1 Timothy 2:3, 4) To help others understand this, be reasonable, not argumentative, when you speak to them about what you are learning. But be patient! Why are you studying the Bible, and how can you help others understand this? Recommended." In what ways is the Bible like no other book? What, then, is behind these prophecies? their discussion has the originality and intellectual weight to repay careful consideration, 5. And the hairy he-goat stands for the king of Greece; and as for the great horn that was between its eyes, it stands for the first king. God had certain events in ancient Israelite history written down for our benefit. • The Bible has survived more controversy than any other book. This may seem overwhelming at first. “Form a longing” for his Word by continuing your study. Day to day pours forth speech, And night to night reveals knowledge. 21. It is a big book, and some portions of it are not easy to understand. Yes, a harmonious theme permeates the Bible. As expected from two such distinguished philosophers, In the Sermon on the Mount, he showed us the way to true happiness. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. Tooley is Distinguished College Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado, What shows that the Bible is scientifically accurate? 9. 12 No wonder people are impressed by Jesus’ teachings! (a) How should we approach a study of the Bible? (Zechariah 11:12; Matthew 26:15) More than a thousand years beforehand, David foretold circumstances associated with the death of Jesus the Messiah. (Daniel 9:24-27) This is just a sampling of the prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ. • The oldest portion of the Bible dates back to the 16th century B.C.E. This is before the appearance of the Hindu Rig-Veda (in about 1300 B.C.E. (a) What is contained in the Hebrew Scriptures? 22 Well-meaning friends and relatives may oppose your study of the Bible, but Jesus said: “Everyone, then, that confesses union with me before men, I will also confess union with him before my Father who is in the heavens; but whoever disowns me before men, I will also disown him before my Father who is in the heavens.” (Matthew 10:32, 33) Some may fear that you will become involved with a cult or will turn into a fanatic. In 2 Peter the word always seems to refer to that fundamental saving knowledge on which the whole of the Christian life is based. Working off-campus? (Church Times, January 2009), "The present volume, by two Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. But if the Bible is inspired of God, its advice should always be up-to-date despite its great age.


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