Re: Pickup height on a Jazzmaster Post by clik » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:18 am After one colossally bad experience, and the only really good store disappearing (in the 80s) -- … He replaced the pickup covers, knobs, and added a Tune-o-matic-style bridge. Jazzmaster pickups are constructed similarly to a Strat pickup in many ways, but are much wider and flatter, in what's called a "pancake" wind. Below are standard measurements we use on a daily basis when setting up guitars. Having such a short coil limits the amount of wire you can get around the magnets. Vintage design Jazzmaster pickups have a coil only 1/8” tall, compared to the height of a strat at about 7/16” tall. Pickup height is a personal preference, however there are reasons for making certain adjustments. Photo by Perry Bean. In the second episode of … Sonically, these physical differences make Jazzmaster pickups smoother and less mid-rangey than a P-90, while also being fatter, louder, and warmer than a typical Stratocaster pickup. Having said all this, here are the measurements on MY personal 1965 Jazzmaster, and on these big, flat pickups, a set of feeler gauges will be your best tool! J Mascis is an offset-guitar hero and his main guitar is this sunburst '63 Fender Jazzmaster with original neck and pickups. Measurements are taken un-fretted: Bridge: Lo E: 0.15" / 3.9mm Hi E: 1.46" / 3.5mm It takes a far wider coil for the same amount of turns on a more traditional design single coil like a Strat, Jaguar or Tele pickup.


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