Using a 4 ½″ strip place the bottom tip of the ruler on the bottom edge of the strip and cut along each side of the ruler. Flip the fabric over to the wrong side with the cut edge at the left hand side. I then flipped the ruler upside down and aligned the 6 ½” edge of the ruler against the cuts I just made. Now flip the fabric over so that the wrong side of the fabric is facing up and the cut diagonal edge is on your left hand side. Join Jennifer in Sarnia, Ontario and learn how to build the textured fabric that creates the snow and rocks of the Inukshuk or the rocks and pine of the Lone Pine. Today I’m going to walk you through how to use the ruler to cut those 4 shapes. Bargello Sunflower Quilt Pattern Download, Purely Canadian Sesquicentennial Anniversary Quilt Download Pattern, Rectangles and Squares Download Quilt Pattern, Creemore House of Stitches – Creemore, Ontario, Like many things in life, pattern instructions do not come into this world perfect. You want a nice clean straight edge as a starting point. Fabric Hex N More Ruler Multi. Last Thursday I introduced the Hex N More ruler as my cool tool of the week. Your email address will not be published. For the half-hexies, I used the 3 ½” strips. Stacy, my trusty craft-enabler, from Craft de Ville, hooked me up. I'm Julie of Jaybird Quilts the designer behind the Hex N More and Sidekick Rulers. This makes it very easy for cutting – no guess work needed. This left me without a seam allowance on the central long edge of the half-hexie. If you already own a Hex N More ruler or you would like to see the ruler in action, check out these great tutorials by Jaybird Quilts: Hex N More tutorial. Then I cut the top and bottom edges off the right hand of the hexie off. The instructions will tell you what size strips to use for each shape. Share your blocks, tops & quilts online using #ToesInTheSandQAL. Before attending, there was some preparation that needed to be tackled and materials to purchase. Required fields are marked *. I wrote a book! Align the ruler as above on the strip of fabric and cut away the excess fabric. Cutting Tutorial: Half Hexagon. Isn't that sound gorgeous? Once again, I cut my selvage off before getting started. Apr 7, 2016 - In this video tutorial, Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts demonstrates how to cut shapes from fabric strips with the Hex N More ruler. In order to reduce the number of cuts I needed to make, I kept my strips folded. has been on a my to-purchase list for quite some time now. And then I trimmed my selvage. Turn the strip around so the cut edge is at your left. First up, I always start my squaring off my fabric. Each shape can be used alone or sewn together to create a masterpiece. Making different kind of blocks by using different shapes of the rulers. Occasionally errors are found in my patterns and the corrections are published on the Pattern Errata page. Then cut your top and bottom right angles off. The Hex and More Ruler. Using a 6 ½″ strip place the lines that mark the 6 ½″ hexagon on the top and bottom of the strip. Sharing is caring after all! Then cut your top and bottom right angles off. Continue cutting until you have the desired number of jewels. So I was really excited to see it as a tool requirement. After I shared this Instagram post, I received several requests on how to use the ruler. There is some fabric wastage with this ruler but not a lot and some of the waste are 60 degree triangles so may be useful somewhere else. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. by Jen | 3 Mar 2015 | Technique Tuesday | 0 comments. As I previously mentioned, I am a clumsy cutter so this is a huge problem for me. Ruler size: 9.75" x 12.5" Cut four shapes in four sizes: Hexagons, 60 Degree Triangles, Half Hexagons and Jewels This item will ship in a box. For some reason, I found it easier to flip the fabric instead of the ruler to continue cutting the left side of the half-hexie. First cut at the right hand edge of strip. Today I'm going to feature a special ruler which can make a shape of a hexagon block. So I cut 6 ½” strips and 3 ½” strips by the width of my fabric (WOF). This shape can be cut from either a 1 ½″, 2 ½″, 3 ½″ or 4 ½″ strip which includes the seam allowance. For more info, visit the FAQ page. Share your blocks, tops & quilts online using #ToesInTheSandQAL. Skip the Borders. Before attending, there was some preparation that needed to be tackled and materials to purchase. I took a cue from my fellow guild member Dizzy Quilts Blog and labelled all my pieces with painters tape. Using a 12 ½″ strip place the top of the ruler with the top edge of the strip and the bottom of the ruler with the bottom edge of the fabric at the right hand end of the strip. And the Hex N More even comes in a mini size! FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Cut as many as needed. Continue in this manner along the strip to cut more triangles. This shape can be cut from either a 2 ½″, 4 ½″, 6 ½″ or 8 ½″ strip which includes the seam allowance. You will be left with a nice stack of oddly shaped triangles and for some reason I’m just itching to make something with them!! And the Hex N More even comes in a mini size! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It took me quite some time, but I wasn’t rushing the process; especially after my initial boo-boo with the half-hexies! My only complaint is that the ruler is SUPER slippery! Place the middle line along the bottom of the strip with the diagonal line of the half hexagon along the cut edge of the strip. How to make a hexagon quilt with half hexies – free quilt pattern – 5 different sizes. Cutting Tutorial: Jewel Give one a try! A full color book featuring twelve distinct triangle quilt blocks constructed using the Hex N More ruler.


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