The best way to obtain thick leather is to hunt animals with thick hide.Below you will find a complete list of all creatures with thick hide in Conan Exiles. Steel and Black Ice become Hardened Steel now! It's worthy to note that thick hide is often found on larger beasts and predators, such as elephants, frost giants, and rhinos. These two resources then become a Hardened Steel Bar. It requires three pieces of Leather and two units of Beeswax, and may be used to create objects like the Mine Hole, Traveller's Sack or Cutthroat Cuirass. So I recently got back into Conan after taking a break and I had just updated the game and got tie mount update from earlier this year. Conan Exiles Guide To Crafting Hardened Steel. Shaped Crafting Hardened Leather Helm (1 Armor) Hardened Leather Chest (3 Armor) Hardened Leather Leggings (2.5 Armor) Hardened Leather Boots (1 Armor) Very simple! Hardened Leather is leather treated with beeswax to strengthen it. Before then, you had to use Brimstone. 1 Steel Bar. I unlocked a certain saddle that requires hardened leather to make. Conan Exile, How To Craft Hardened Leather, Layered Fur, Layered Silk Guide, Full Game Release If not help ! Hardened Leather can be crafted by placing ONE (1) Leather and ONE (1) Pressed Wax in a crafting grid. Then, craft a furnace with 540 pieces of stone and mix the Steelfire with x5 Iron Bars. How to Acquire You need a cauldron or clay cauldron with at least 2.5 litres of hot water to harden leather. Voila! The Hardened Steel Bars are used in Conan Exiles for stronger armor, weapons and tools as well as for the higher-level building parts. Looking for hardened leather to make a good aquilonian medium armor im not sure where to get it, let me guess i need to fight giant rhinos and such for it? Hardened Leather can be used to make Hardened Leather armor, which gives a total of 7.5 out of 10 Armor.


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