I wish I had a parent like you. My daughter was 2 at the time and bio dad had already been in and out her entire life. The mom knows she can get her way because her family can afford an attorney for her whereas my husband can’t so she wins. A modification of custody is in the works. And do you know what my attorney said? Actually, as far as I knew, I thought that as long as the ‘CHILD” was at least 12 years old, that a court of law would allow him/her to decide for himself what he wanted. I went to my states legal aid but they dont have the resources to help me.. And I cant afford a lawyer.. They are saying i can only visit in their office but their office hours and days interfere with my daughters kindergarten school hours so they said “they aren’t denying it, they just can’t pull her out of school “ it’s the state of Missouri and children aren’t legally made to attend kindergarten !! So I am 15 I don’t want to see my father, my mom says if I go down to Texas he will have full custody because she’s not there to be with me . I agree my sons ex took his daughters he has with her and mkoved across country before we could even file for custody. Because of so many different aspects here, it is difficult to say why the judge would not slap more penalties on him than the judge did, but over time, if big items keep getting violated (don’t be petty, little things will annoy the judge, but visitation interference / denial will be valid every time), the judge will take notice, see a pattern of visitation abuse, and hopefully make a better decision. Never do anything, outside of an emergency (for court purposes, an emergency is defined as serious harm, abuse, danger only) unless the court allows you to do so! I have done just that. So I fill out my own forms and paid some now they have me for back support.. And took my tax money, everything to where I lost my home.. I took him back for enforcement and the judge said it was all just a misunderstanding and to get along. She will not allow my child to come to my state. Can he get out of paying child support under Utah law? second if he at one time gave u full custody as long as it was legally done, then u should have that agreement. Our biggest nightmare came true. My advice is to find a way to get some money together and figure out some payment plans with a local attorney. He is bi polar and on disability for adhd. I’m guessing visitation is awarded to him but at a reasonable time (that you cannot just straight out deny for no reason). We can help, with our team of nationwide fathers rights experts. He got a dui last weekend with my kids in the car and the police called me to pick them up from the police station. The police didn’t get involved because it is a civil matter. His son’s mother always sends him over sick with any illness from severe cold to pink eye and doesnt tell us of it until the day of whichh is friday afternoon around 4pm usually or calls at the last minute at a very late hour of night after the boy has been sick for days and threatens to withhold him because my bf didnt help take him to the doctor. Trying to help a friend out, right now there is no custody agreement in place, they are working with the judge on that, but her ex won’t let her see her kids at all or talk to them. We recently had a court date to which she didn’t appear because she didn’t sign for the certified mail the courthouse sent. Now, that is not to say that her actions are appropriate – they sound far from appropriate and honestly, possibly enough of a violation for him to file a motion for indirect civil contempt (usually called a “Petition for Rule To Show Cause”).


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