Shalomas 2014-06-17 Fantasy Empires remake? 2020-07-23 LOL 3 points We did a lot of tests on it. The best strategic game i ever play.. -1 point FAQ I got Dos Box to this point: C:\FANEMP and now i can't get the next prompt to go. when i opened the fantasy.exe it says "this app can't run on your pc" I'm sure this game have a crazy potential !! 2013-01-22 An option is available to personalize the character with … trying to use Dos Box. Replace the original FANTASY.EXE The site is free, it means a little bit of effort may be required to get things working. there are sites that have a ZIP of this game, and you just run FANTASY.EXE nothing to patch, no setup, and no protection words. 1 point Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. 2013-09-13 During the game when the word request come Just one click to download at full speed! Hmm, thought this was interesting -- a quote from Dyack (of Silicon Knights) about the neural net in Fantasy Empires: Fantasy Empires had a learning neural network and an agent that would try to learn from what you were doing. You moved your armies in a turn-base phase, but the battles were played in a very flawed arcade sequence. please help! Contribute Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny, Campaign: From North Africa to Northern Europe. PaulBearer This Version can't be installed because files are missing. Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games: Terms Thanks guys, Graega Gold Dragon The AI was'nt that impressive, maybe because it was one of those hybrid strategy games. It actually adapted, it helped people, and it actually was a great test case. Fantasy Empire is a mix between RPG, turnbased strategy, and small-scale tactical battles where you directly control your warriors/heroes the RTS-way (this can be avoided by seleting "Simulate battles). Setting up your character involves naming him/her, choosing one of five possible classes (elf, magic-user, cleric, fighter or dwarf) and alignment (lawful, neutral or chaotic). Contact You can also use spys to wreck havoc on your enemies. Then copy the fantasy.exe file from the Patched EXE directory and replace the one that was in the archive. 1 point, I played this game for hours and hours when I was a kid. Set in the D&D world of Mystara, Fantasy Empires is similar to SSG's Warlords and SSI's earlier Sword of Aragon. 2013-05-12 0 point. So smart or not, if I had double your units, I'd win. 0 point. 0 point 2020-11-03 Quote from: Zaphos on November 20, 2007, 01:36:44 AM, Quote from: I Like Cake on November 20, 2007, 01:10:05 PM, Topic: Fantasy Empires remake? -1 point This game came in a pack of SSI games when I played it. 2011-05-13 To clarify on what Johnnycash SHOULD have written (Because instructions are actually useful): There is a file, "fantasy.arj", which is a compressed archive. This character is only meant to be a figurehead and does not participate in … abandonware guide It took me about 7 Minutes of tinkering to get this working. About Turtle have fun. Empire Aflame, the second expansion for Fantasy General II, is out now. Why do most of the answers on the copy protection sheet not work? JJR It was part of my master's thesis. 0 point, I have windows 10. 2 points. If you have trouble to Maybe they were planning Dark Legion, which has very similar gameplay, but much better combat graphics. 1 point. For me though, Stronghold and Dark Sun were the games of note from that pack. Tricky-Flow Mean old JohnyCash got it going but I have fiddled with the archive files and the crack and no dice. DOS version. Wed, October 21, 2020 10:08 AM PDT Fantasy Empires can be played in either single scenario or campaign mode and accommodates up to five players either human or chosen from twenty computer controlled opponents. Overall, Fantasy Empires is simply a must-play for all fantasy wargamers. 0 point DOS version. You just kind of pray that things turned out alright (much like a human brain, actually). I hope you enjoy the memories and please subscribe and ring the bell to be notified on my latest uploads. run Fantasy Empires, read the paulwratt I downloaded the game and replaced the fantasy,exe file from the patch folder.


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