A court can order a parent to pay maintenance to the primary care giver of the child and this is where a child maintenance lawyer’s advice and assistance can be of great benefit. 4. In total, the accused company faced 14 charges for failing to pay salaries to its employees. The cost of the application can be awarded against the party refusing to pay maintenance if a judge considers it appropriate. Maintenance can be awarded to a spouse/civil partner for their own benefit and/or for the benefit of a dependent child who is under the … Capital must be maintained and not returned to company members. Maintenance of Capital. Employment termination entails certain legal obligations on the part of both the employer and employee. Any termination must follow the terms and conditions that are spelt out in the employment contract. A. 1. An employer or employee who wishes to end the employment relationship may do so by terminating the employment contract. Singapore takes children’s rights for support as a priority obliging parents to pay maintenance even for children born outside marriage, as well as supporting adopted children and even grown-up adult children under specific circumstances. This general rule is intended to protect creditors. Most states require landlords to retain responsibility for the maintenance of essential features. The Maintenance Act of 1998 serves to create a fair and just society and takes into consideration the rights of … Child Maintenance. Hard or soft copies are acceptable, and should include details such as the date of payment, basic salary and allowances, overtime pay, salary period, as well as deductions made. 16.6.4 As a general rule, though this is now subject to many exceptions, a company under Singapore law is required to maintain its capital in the sense that it cannot return capital to its members. SINGAPORE — Three employers here were charged in court on Tuesday (April 4) with failing to pay salaries to their employees. In the State Courts today, Raycom Engineering & Aerospace Pte. COMPLAINT OF FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH A MAINTENANCE ORDER FOR PURPOSES OF SECTION 31(1) OF THE MAINTENANCE ACT, 1998 (ACT No. An Act to repeal and re-enact with amendments the Buildings and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act (Chapter 30 of the 2000 Revised Edition) so as to provide for proper maintenance and management of buildings, and to make consequential amendments to the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Chapter 158 of the 1999 Revised Edition) and certain other written laws. Failure to do so will result in a fine. Ltd., [“the accused company”] which manufactures metal precision components, was convicted and sentenced to a total fine of $17,500, for failing to pay salaries to the employees. What If Your Ex-Spouse Does Not Provide Maintenance. It is most unfortunate for that for some, life after divorce proceedings still entails the hassle of chasing after an ex-spouse for maintenance payments. Sometimes a landlord will transfer other maintenance responsibilities to a tenant through a provision in the lease, which will generally be enforceable as long as the maintenance is non-essential. In December 2013, the DP SME Commercial Credit Bureau collected $1.28 million in unpaid matrimonial maintenance payments from ex-husbands who had defaulted on payments. As of 1 April 2016, all employers must issue itemised pay slips to employees covered by the Employment Act.


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