The left foot lands in an open position (the toe of the left foot lines up with the heel of the right). You’ll also learn why each drill is important for proper discus technique and how they relate to the throw. The palm remains pressed against the discus while the thumb is spread in a straight line with the wrist. (a) Secular For Part-1 of Culture & Diversity MCQs, Please click the below link >>  Text-1 For Part-2 of Culture & Diversity MCQs, Please click the below link >>  Text-2 For Part-3 of Culture & Diversity MCQs, Please click the below link >>  Text-3 For Part-4 of Culture & Diversity MCQs, Please click the below link >>  Text-4 2. But it’s the kind of drill that sets the stage for great performances. (a) Geographical causes (b) Historical cases (c) Social Causes (d) All the above Ans. (ii) If the fingers are long the first two fingers joined together and others spreaded on the discus. If you don’t start well, your jump probably won’t end well. Holding the shot. (d) All the above 5. Drills break down the kill learning into much more manageable chunks and allow the athlete to perform them many times more than if they were just throwing. The left leg should come close to the right leg (see tip below). Often times “rising to the occasion” is actually falling to your level of training. They ingrain the proper technical elements. Keep the right foot turning throughout the throw and allow the left leg to come underneath the body and ground. The back shall be facing the throwing direction. This happens at the back of the ring on the first turn of the throw. Your email address will not be published. They are equally effective for more advanced throwers. Watch the video below to see the fluid movement to the middle drill in action. The discus is released at an angle of 30 to 35 degree at the level of the shoulder rotating the arm in the clockwise direction so that the discus also rotates in the clockwise direction. The stance. If they have issues with landing hard in the middle, it could be 3 turns to the middle before every full throw etc. Your email address will not be published. Simply going out and taking 30 or 40 “hard throws” isn’t going to get it done. i.e. Elite discus throwers are in control throughout the entire throw. A right handed thrower should place his right foot touching the hind part of the circle from inside and left foot should be placed at the shoulder wide distance from the right foot. Like the previous drills, this one should be performed at a slow and controlled pace. Discus throw is all about the proper use of centrifugal force. Discus Throw Technique – A Complete Guide to the Standing Throw. In the video below Olympian Casey Malone demonstrates what happens when you fail to hit the balanced position. The practice progression and drills in this guide are an integral part of Brian Bedard’s throwing program at CSU. Watch the video below to see the tap around discus drill in action. It also forces the athlete to be aware of the position of their right leg. A gym floor or even a garage will work. In the last swing when the discus reaches far behind the turning of the body starts. Mostly a thrower takes three swings. That’s why implementing these types of discus throw drills into your practice routine is so important. If a thrower is off-balance on the first turn, they are no longer in control of the throw. The thrower should be at the start of the power position. You can also incorporate this sequence in your warm up prior to taking full throws. Discus kept high and relaxed, trailing behind the hips 3. The great thing about all of these drills is they can be performed pretty much anywhere at any time. If it’s snowing outside, no problem. The sprinting technique covered in this guide has been proven to dramatically increase speed across a wide range of sports. The athlete immediately begins falling to the middle. Communalism denotes .. between different religious groups. From the balanced position, complete a full rotation on the left leading with the lower body. It’s worth the time to put the reps in. Continue rotation by bringing the left leg from the back of the ring to the front. Casey Malone’s footwork is the result of thousands of hours of practice. Aim for chin over knee over the toe on the left leg 2. The Force of push depends mainly on the grip. Figures 3 & 4 1. Hence the discus is held at the edges with the tips of the fingers to balance it properly in the hand and can be given momentum while turning. Required fields are marked *. How to Teach the Discus Grip to Young Athletes – Lean how to explain a good discus grip … A discus thrower should be able to hit the balanced position in their sleep. Watch the video below to see the 360 pivot turn discus drill in action. When the discus reaches in the front side while swinging from backward to forward direction, the left hand support is given in front of the left shoulder from below. Speed can be introduced later. If throwers put in the time and repetitions the results will come. They’ll open the throw with their upper body or head and fall to the middle. Once they master that, he might add a weighted vest and then eventually a weighted ball or discus. The step to the middle should be soft and under control. These instructions are for right handed throwers, for left handed throwers simply reverse. Watch the video below to see the fluid full turn drill in action. Hold the correct posture and lead with the lower body. Performing drills like the ‘fluid full turn’ isn’t as fun or immediately gratifying as throwing the discus. Face away from your target. Successful throwers have great entry mechanics. Tip – A good cue for the lower body when moving from the pivot turn to the power position is “pinch with the left.” The left leg should push off and then ‘pinch’ close to the right. After completing the turning, the thrower begins the action of throwing with a push from the ground straightening his knee. The turning of the body is like the hinge turning. The 360 pivot turn  takes the first discus throw drill one step further. No jerks or sudden acceleration. During the swing the discus is brought from above the left shoulder toward the right shoulder.


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