Hpo42- Conjugate Base And Acid. GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux sickness) is usually known as acid reflux disease, acid indigestion, dyspepsia or … The same is true for bases-- when in equilibrium, it will accept a proton, and become a conjugate acid. The acid is HPO4^2-, and the dissociation leaves you with H+ (a proton) and PO4^3- (the conjugate base). My source below shows it with the proper subscripts and superscripts. The conjugate base of HPO4 is PO43-The conjugate base of an acid is the substance that remains after the acid has donated its proton.Example: Acid is HX and conjugate base is X^-. The conjugate acid base pair differs by one proton. More than 60 million Us citizens experience from GERD every month, based on the National Institutes of Wellbeing (NIH). Here are the equilibrium expressions: HPO 4 2-+ H 2 O ↔ PO 4 3-+ H 3 O + (conjugate base) HPO 4 2-+ H 2 O ↔ H 2 PO 4 1-+ OH 1-(conjugate acid) 80% (397 ratings) Problem Details. Problem: What is the conjugate base for the following compounds? Question: 1) What Is The Conjugate Base Of H2PO4⁻ ?A) HPO42-B) PO43-C) H3PO4D) H3O+E) OH⁻ 2) The Stronger The Acid, Then Which Of The Following Is True?A) The Stronger The Conjugate Acid.B) The Stronger The Conjugate Base.C) The Weaker The Conjugate Base.D) The Weaker The Conjugate Acid.E) None Of The Above. A conjugate base is the base formed by dissociation of an acid. The conjugate acid of HPO42- is H2PO4 H3PO4 PO43- PO42? What is the conjugate base for the following compounds? Generally, for the equation HA = H+ + A- HA is the acid (here H3PO4), H+ is H+ and A- is the conjugate base (H2PO4-). There may be hope for acid reflux disorder. The resulting base is called the conjugate base. a) HPO42- b) HCOOH c) CH2ClCOOH FREE Expert Solution Show answer. The conjugate base of HPO42- is a) PO43- b) H2PO-4 c) H3PO4 d)H4PO3 - - Acids Bases and Salts The conjugate base of HPO 4 2-is PO 4 3-.This polyatomic ion is called phosphate. See full answer below. H2PO4- can act as an acid, too. It had to donate the hydrogen ion to become the conjugate base. The concept used to solve this problem is based on the conjugate acid and conjugate base.


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