For the genomics concentration, this requirement is fulfilled by taking BIOLOGY 293 Research Independent Study, and 1 additional lab course elective at the 200 level or above. The Genomics Concentration involves faculty in Biology, as well as others in departments in Arts & Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering, who are committed to welcoming undergraduate Biology majors into their research programs. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Biology Online, its staff, or its partners. In this tutorial, some scenarios where human action results in a response from the ecosystem, either physically or chemically, are described. For the Pharmacology Concentration, this requirement is fulfilled by taking PHARM 493 and BIOLOGY 329L. phone: 660-7272 e-mail:, Alberts, C. Drea, K. Erickson, Glander, P. Holland, Klopfer, Nowicki, Pope, Staddon. All Rights Reserved, Mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration. water) and the solute (the particles that are dissolvable by the solvent). Ecological principles also play a major role in generating solutions to problems of applied interest, such as the use of predatory insects as agent of biological control, the dynamics of disease in human and other populations, the preservation of biodiversity in the face of anthropogenic changes, the fate of pollutants in natural and artificial ecosystems, and the effects of fossil fuel use on the global climate. MGM 293/593). Dr. Susan Alberts, Department of Biology The textbook definition of "passive transport" is moving from high to low concentration. A max of one independent study course may be used to fulfill this requirement. Dr. Sönke Johnsen, Department of Biology Pharmacology is more than the study of the mode of action of drugs. NOTE: CHEM 210DL is also recommended for pre-med, pre-vet, biochem and pharm students. Students fulfilling the requirements of the Concentration in Marine Biology will receive a note on their official transcript. Dr. David McClay , Department of Biology, Developmental, Cell & Molecular Biology Group phone: (919) 660-7321, email:, Dr. Sheila Patek, Department of Biology Dr. Justin Wright, Department of Biology The evolutionary biology area of concentration provides the basic core knowledge for beginning graduate studies in evolutionary ecology, evolutionary developmental biology, evolution of behavior, evolutionary psychology, systematics, paleobiology, molecular evolution, evolutionary genetics, philosophy of biology, and both micro- and macroevolutionary studies generally. Given the reasonable estimate that systematists have only discovered and named perhaps 10% of the species on earth, and the fact that only a tiny fraction of those species have been studied in any detail, there is much work to be done in a short time. Pharmacology also allows us to study how biological systems fail to function, providing information on the etiology of disease. Phone: 684-6696, e-mail:, Baugh, Benfey, Buchler, Haase, Magwene, Mitchell-Olds, Noor, Schmid, Willis, Wray The advisor request form can be used to request a switch to a concentration area advisor if desired. It is the application of different specialties in biology to the study of the particular organisms which live in the marine environment. Concentration Definition Biology. A "high concentration" is a relative term to the concentration of like material around it. From the production of new drugs, to revolutionary advances in our understanding of how cells work, the areas of cell and molecular biology have contributed to our lives in a number of ways. The goal of the Concentration in Genetics is to provide biology majors with an in-depth exposure to modern aspects of genetics, including research experience in a genetics laboratory. BIOLOGY 335LA Drones in Marine Biology, Ecology, and Conservation, ENVIRON 280LA Sound in the Sea: Introduction to Marine Bioacoustics. e-mail:; (919) 613-8208; Room 0050 Biological Sciences Building, Dr. Ron Grunwald, Director of Undergraduate Studies. Reach out to the appropriate area advisor with questions regarding concentration requirements, and note that those are not programmed into the What-If & Advisement Reports on Dukehub.


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