I am curious about trying to convert the recipe to cupcakes for a Thanksgiving finger food themed party this weekend. But, I now live in Istanbul. i have a newish kenmore pro oven that seems to be spot on temp-wise and the center jiggled slightly as promised, i left it in the oven for at least 70 minutes and the innermost 2 1/2-3 inches were still runny. I REALLY dislike cheesecake. They are more flavorful than Graham Crackers/Cinnamon Graham crackers, but more subtle than gingersnaps. So another recipe of yours has earned me raves. Thanks! I have heard that beating the filling for cheesecakes longer can give you a lighter texture, something I’d like, but can you “over-beat” it? How lucky you are to have a little curly redheaded angel in your life! Also, I was told to stop working today at 12:45 and I’m just not one to argue, you know? Also, is it possible to freeze your apple slab pie? Half sheets are too big. I hate the slightly sour taste the cream cheese gives it (except that I LOVE cream cheese). Sounds sooo delicious. Love the recepies and your tips are really useful. How much fresh pumpkin do you think I need for this cheesecake, and do you have any tips on how to prepare it beforehand? butter in cubes and run the machine until the mixture clumps. Leave about 1/4 ” of foil liner showing. No harm in doing so. years ago: Indian-Spiced Vegetable Fritters, Dreamy Cream Scones and Chocolate Stout Cake, And for the other side of the world: Of course, it wouldn’t be tragic if I didn’t adjust the quantities and made individual cupcake-sized cheesecakes with any leftovers in the adorable silicone muffin cups I just bought at IKEA! Seems a relatively short bake time with a wet filling for the bottom crust to be well baked and not doughy. If it’s browning too much before it bakes through, try baking it at a lower temperature. If the crust seems to be sticking, you can lightly spray the springform with nonstick spray oil before pressing in the crust. The effect was less pungent contrast. Other suggestions welcome! Do you all sit and eat at one time? I love your website. The cake has plenty of flavor without it — plus, the bourbon is only a very faint taste. I made this last night for thanksgiving and it looks and smells and tasted wonderful! It took mine the full 60 minutes to reach that point and it was creamy and delicious when done. Everyone couldn’t say enough and a few people even commented that it looked like it came from a bakery! I made this last night, for a family dinner today. I bookmarked this cheesecake a few months back and patiently waited for Thanksgiving to arrive. You can absolutely, btw, bake this in a water bath which can improve custardy texture, usually prevents cracking and might possibly limit the puff-and-deflate factor. and easy! Weights have been added too. Elizabeth — I am pretty sure it’s on a few sites or publications by now (I remember a few asking) if you can Google it. I make this cheesecake every year, and it’s amazing. After baking it for 60 min, the center is still soft and I see wrote a bit of water on my cookie sheet. Baked it in a cold water bath. I will definitely do this again! I used Whole Foods store brand. I probably underbaked it because it seemed a little soft despite overnight chilling as well, but the crust didn’t have as much bite to it as I usually like. Craaaving this cheesecake. I’ll be seeing you in Brooklyn in a few weeks- can’t wait! Thank you, Deb! I made this for Thanksgiving 2015 and it turned out beautifully. In addition, it took my big one quite some time to set, though of course, that’s probably my oven. Thanks again. I don’t understand when to add the sugars and spices to the filling? I figured it was likely done….and it was! Was it updated, then, in 2003? :/. After being in the oven for a few minutes, I quickly tried one more swirl and it improved the look of it somewhat. Unlike Spark, I encountered the common issue of having WAY too much filling for the store-bought pie shells that I had. I know there are a thousand comments on this but wanted to make a small note – for the granulated sugar/cornstarch mixture, the way this is written makes it seem like (for me at least) it’s unclear where it goes in. I was planning on making that for Thanksgiving, too, and would love to have 2 pies done in advance! Bottom crust did not bake, even after adding much additional bake time. I don’t have a question. Please fill this void in my life, Hey Deb! I made this last Thanksgiving, everyone enjoyed it. so instead of marbling it sort of….lumped. Most cheesecakes — like my Bourbon Pumpkin, Cappuccino Fudge, Key Lime and a Brownie Mosaic riff — use 3 bricks of cream cheese; this uses 5. i am in love with it and i haven’t tasted a bite! Thanks so much, Deb. Should I put plastic wrap directly on the cake? Thanks . I followed the directions to a “T.” I found it difficult to drag the cheesecake mixture with the toothpick to make the marbling. With this pie, however, I followed the instructions for using a food processor, and had several issues. Hello! It’s only 2T, and I know that an entire container of cream won’t get used up in my apt. Gonna make this beauty for Thanksgiving but I will be traveling. I originally planned on making this because I had a sugar pumpkin from the farmer’s market sitting around, and made my own puree the night before. Megan — I don’t have a favorite springform, though I do in general love those gold touch pans from Williams-Sonoma (not sure if they make a springform).


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