Can be bred with Midas, Severum and … pH: 6.5 – 8.0. Yellow Pastel Parrot Cichlid (4-5 inches) $ 79.99 $ 64.99 Add to cart-11%. [1] Normally, a female blood parrot lays eggs on a hard surface, and both parents guard the eggs unless the brood develops fungus, at which time the eggs will be consumed by either the parents or other fish. Max Sizes: 8 inches. The fish are voracious eaters and generate significant uneaten debris during feeding. Other colors may be produced by dyeing the fish, which can shorten life expectancy. Some fish have been injected with a colored dye by the breeder. This hybrid is perfect both for beginners and experienced aquarists. Size and Aquarium Requirements . Intimidation will cause stress or fights. Fishes becomes reproductive at the age of one year and a half. Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 250 Litres. Some commercial foods have been developed specifically to be easy for blood parrots to ingest, and recently some blood parrots have been selectively bred to be able to completely close their mouths. In addition to being shorter, females also have a more round/plump body. The fish has very small mouth and fins. Ideal Tank Temperature: 72 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Diet: Omnivore. You should keep in mind, that the latter is a completely different fish genus, that inhabits in sea water and we are talking here about freshwater fish. Its unusual body shape is due to its spine deformity, that led to air-bladder deformation, therefore the fish doesn’t swim well. Average Adult Fish Size: 20cm / 8Inches. Size : 8" (20 cm) pH : 6.5 - 7.0. Blood Parrot Cichlid is a hybrid fish that does not exist in nature. The fish was first bred in Taiwan around 1986. Place of Origin: American Cichlids. Not so long time ago a large number of imported fish were artificially dyed. Show Filters . Your fish will only appreciate it if you put them in a bigger tank so don’t hold back if you can do so. Therefore, all small fishes in a tank it takes as food. However, yet if such fish appeared on the market, it means that they are demanded. If these are cichlids, they shouldn’t be aggressive – firemouth cichlid, angelfish, kribensis will do. Another thing is, that sometimes the tail fin is cut off. [1][4], Male blood parrots generally are infertile, but successful breeding has occurred. First of all, blood parrot has a very small and strange shaped mouth. Blood parrot fish or blood parrot cichlid – is a hybrid of various cichlasoma species and it’s not encountered in the wild. Advertisements. Sometimes it is reported about successful cases of breeding in a tank, but typically the fish mates with some other species and if the spawning is successful, their offspring appears to be poorly colored and not very good-looking. This affects its feeding habits and makes it difficult for him to compete with fishes who have large mouth. Another modification, generally considered inhumane by enthusiasts, involves cutting the tail while small which causes the fish to grow into a heart shape; these are usually sold under the name of "heart parrots". However, since the fish was artificially bred, its breeders do whatever they want. Breeders do not disclose the secret of breeding this species because it brings good income to the owners of fish farms and they rake good money when they sell these beautiful fishes! Showing all 11 results. [3] Natural colors of the fish are red, yellow, and grey: other colors are injected by breeders. To get an idea of a setup they would like, we need to look at where the parent species live in the wild (such as the Midas Cichlid).These fish live in the warm flowing freshwaters of Central America. Red Passion Parrot Cichlid (4-5 Inch) $ 69.99 $ 59.99 Add to cart-7%. The fish will be stressed all the time and this may cause some disease. [citation needed], "It's The Frankenstein Monster Of The Fish World: The Blood Parrot! The fish was first bred in Taiwan around 1986. Another thing is, that sometimes the tail fin is cut off. You can see between the fish and female due to the shape of its anal cone. The fish has rather specific body shape and a very small mouth. You should choose blood tank mates of the same size. Temperament: Playful. Its unusual body shape is due to its spine deformity, that led to air-bladder deformation, therefore the fish doesn’t swim well. Parrot Cichlids, Best Sellers. Compatibility: Combine with less aggressive South American Cichlids as well as larger peaceful … Breeding : Males are usually infertile. But cichlids like oscar fish, convict cichlid and flowerhorn are not. The fish eagerly eats special dry feed and common frozen prawns or mussels. Average Size The average Blood Parrot Cichlid size is around 8 inches in length for adult males and 6 to 7 inches in length for females. Rainbow shark – a bright colored troublemaker, Blood parrot, parrot cichlid, blood parrot fish, Midas cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellus) and redhead cichlid (Cichlasoma synspilum), Red devil cichlid (Amphilophus labiatus) and banded cichlid (Heros severus), Red devil cichlid (Amphilophus labiatus) and banded cichlid (Heros severus) + Cichlasoma «theraps».


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