212 Posts . An Easter egg isn’t an actual egg, so jettison the picture of opening a Ford’s glove compartment to find a plastic pink toy filled with candy. My 2010 1500 had auto down front windows with a double press of one of the key fob buttons .... can't recall which one. The Easter Egg is just a hit through the Raptor’s arc as Ram aims to give the Raptor some warm competition after Ford has been alone in space for several years. So my wife "figured" this one out. ; The TRX is … The 2019 Ram 1500 has a massive center console storage area. Depicting a Tyrannosaurus Rex taking a bloody chomp out … We found another TRX vs. Raptor easter egg: a 1:60 scale of a human, a Ram 1500 TRX, and Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor dinosaurs. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 19, 2016. At the bottom of that cargo box, there is a plastic divider that flips up to help keep the contents from sliding around. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 16, 2013. 19 Dodge Challenger: Car Silhouette On Windshield. Ram is clearly trying to needle Ford with the 702-hp Hellcat-powered 1500 TRX: it put an engraving of a Tyrannosaurus rex with a raptor in its mouth under the TRX's airbox cover. The highlight of the Ram is the engine – a supercharged … 5th gen Easter eggs Discussion in 'General Discussions ' started by JB1, ... Posts: 112 Likes Received: 74 Joined: May 14, 2018 Location: Bastrop tx Ram Year: 2019 Engine: 5.7. The top tire brands in the industry have many diverse options available for your Ram pickup. 18 Posts . Saw this on a youtube review video. 1rst gen through 4th gen in the center console. The 2019 Ram 1500 has a new mild hybrid system, a glorious optional 12-inch touchscreen display, and storage cubbies all over the interior. At the edge of the Challenger's windshield, there's a tiny outline of the car itself. via Dodge Garage. Maybe you'd like to enhance your 1500's handling so you can lean into the turns and have more fun on those twisty roads. When rumors first began to swirl about the Ram 1500 TRX, it was obvious that FCA had their sights set on the baja-bashing Ford F-150 Raptor. The T. Rex Easter Egg is certainly suitable. S0CAL and JB1 like this. It’s no secret that the Ram 1500 TRX wants the Ford F-150 Raptor to go extinct, but the company has made that abundantly clear with an Easter egg.. My first ram so this might not be new to everyone. Instead, Easter eggs are almost inconspicuous embellishments, such as etchings in the headlights, that are cultural or manufacturing references. FCA has continued to claim that the TRX name is not a reference to the king of the Late-Cretaceous period, but a new easter egg discovered by Insatgram user catchmeoffroad suggests otherwise. In a … These Easter eggs serve to put a smile on the faces of Dodge owners, who as soon as they uncover them, will want to post a photo of it online just to share it with others. The same source notes that it’s only on the Gen 5 models. We also spotted another ruthless Easter egg in the TRX's center-console storage, which is … Performance tires can give your Ram 1500 the sportier feel you're looking for. Without any noticeable utility other than a sense of joy for those who discover it themselves, this is the very definition of an Easter egg in the auto industry. ... 2013 RAM 1500 CC Hemi Laramie 4x4 in Cherry Red A new video shows one creative Easter Egg on the new 2021 Ram 1500 TRX off-road pickup that throws shade at the Ford F-150 Raptor. >>Join the conversation about Easter eggs and hidden features in your Dodge right here in Dodge Forum.


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